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Man Crush Monday Top 100 Sexiest Jewish Men Alive

With the Passover and Easter holidays in the past week, our Man Crush Monday is also getting religious. Let's talk about Jewish boys. They might not be the curly-haired unicorns, but I heard that they are tender and gentle and are heaven in bed! Today’s Man Crush Monday will give you sexiest Jewish male celebs of the world.

Adam Levine

The first Jewish Sexiest Man Alive! That’s says it all. Although many people would disagree that he is a mensch, including himself. But that isn’t stopping the Maroon 5 man. He is the true representative for smarmy Jewish boys everywhere.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Arguably the hottest Jewish man ever to come on the silver-screen. And who doesn’t love a guy who knows how to speak French, that’s so sexy! And more importantly he hasn’t tied his knot yet. That’s right, the guy is still unmarried. So get in line!

Jake Gyllenhaal

Well, let’s get straight in to the facts. He is a descendant of the noble Gyllenhaal family of Sweden. He sure can act. He looks so laid-back and cool in suits. He looks even better half-naked, I mean look at those abs! He likes to cook. Who can resist a guy like this, COME ON!

James Franco

The guy with the cute smile. He’s one of the respected actors of today’s world, and of course he is Jewish. This guy has acted in comedies, dramas and everything in between. You gotta love him.

Andy Samberg

He’s everything. He’s smart, he’s hilarious and king of the Nice Jewish Boys. One of the strong candidate for the sexiest Jewish Man alive. You can’t turn away after looking at that face without saying…awaaa!

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Man Crush Monday Top 100 Attractive Mixed-Race Men You Didn't Know of

Today’s Man Crush Monday will list the top 100 most famous and attractive mixed-race or biracial celebrity men. Don't get too surprised if you find some white celebrities have black or mixed racial heritage. We are giving you a quick look at some of them. 

Steve Jobs was half Arab

This might be a shocker for some of you. Steve Jobs, he was the biological son of an Arab American, Abdul Fattah ‘John’ Jandali. He was born in the town of Homs, Syria. He was a ‘self-made millionaire’ father who didn’t go to university and is said to have owned ‘several entire villages’ and a homemaker, traditional mother.

Vince Vaughn Is Lebanese

Many people are unaware of the fact that Vince Vaughn is of Lebanese descent. His father came from Lebanon to the United States. Vince loves to eat Lebanese food and not shy to express his Lebanese connection.

Keanu Reeves Is Quarter Hawaiian and A Quarter Chinese

Maybe it’s time to reload all the facts you’ve ever known about him, ‘cause the guy is one-quarter Chinese, one-quarter Hawaiian, half-English, and a Canadian citizen! Is that even possible? He was born in Lebanon, raised in Hawaii, Australia, New York, and Canada. His name comes from a Hawaiian word loosely translated as "cool breeze over the mountains".

Rob Schneider Is Part Filipino

For a guy born on Halloween, he’s more funny than scary. And even hilarious is his dual heritage. His father is a real-estate broker of Jewish stock and his mother Pilar is half-Filipina. That makes him quarter-Filipino!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Is Half Samoan

His father is Canadian, and his mother is Samoan. Dwyane’s maternal grandparents were Fanene Leifi Pita Maivia and Ofelia “Lia” Fuataga. Fanene was a famous Samoan pro-wrestler under the name Peter Maivia.

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Man Crush Monday Top 100 Hottest Celebrity Men with Red Hair

There’s a traditional saying that, red-haired men don’t get a good press. But I think the redhead males can be an object of desire. Today’s Man Crush Monday is going to list the 100 hottest natural redheads!

There’s something about those fiery looks that makes you wonder, “What if I had dyed my hair bright red”! Especially when compared to the likes of Ewan McGregor, or the likes of Josh Homme. They have an unapologetically seductive nature in their looks. And when you combine red hair with blue eyes, one of the rarest combination in the world. Most of the natural redheads have brown eyes, and few with hazel or green shades. But red hair and blue eyes, amazing! It’s like the perfect match to be blessed with. Only 0.01% people in the world have this rare combination. Look at Rupert GrintHe has the most wonderful greenish blue eyes you will ever find. 

In some cases you will find that just being a ginger will not make you attractive. And on the silver screen, you’ll realize it, in the harsh way. Take Seth Green for example. The guy is neither a hero nor a villain, more like a compelling douche. But enough said for today. I just wanted to point out that red heads are not the objectives of jokes like people think. They have their own way of attraction and popularity.

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Man Crush Monday April Fool's Rumors Come True 2014

Do you think we are fooling you with some crazy and out of world rumors? Think again! Today’s Men Crush Monday will give you a fresh insight on some of the hottest rumors around. Let’s hear them:

Chris Brown Is A Man Whore!
His former fiancé Karrueche Tran has accused him of being a man whore. Chris hooked up with another girl in during rehab, at the beginning of March. And when Karrueche saw Chris' phone was filled with inappropriate texts from other girls, she decided to break the hammer.

Zac Efron into Drugs
Zac Efron's friends are worried about Zac taking drugs. The actor was spotted in the middle of the night at downtown L.A. That neighborhood turns dangerous late at night, with transients and drug dealers out in force. With a lonely and frustrated life like it was only a matter of time.

Chris Martin Is Divorced
Chris Martin has cut all ties with Gwyneth Paltrow in the most awkward of ways…via WEBSITE! That’s right, Gwyneth just announced the split on her website Goop. It’s pretty hard to swallow considering, at the end of last month, they bought a $14 million Malibu estate.

Robert Pattinson Is Dating Dylan Penn
Robert Pattinson is secretly dating Dylan Penn and he is having a not-so-secret date in Spain right now. Dylan Penn arrived in Madrid last week and Pattinson is meeting up with her. Robert Pattinson and Dylan Penn, might not be the popular match but obviously there is something between them.

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