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Man Crush Monday The 60 Most Desirable "Tall, Dark and Handsome" Men

The secret code for today is…Tall! Dark! Handsome! That’s right. Get ready to feast your eyes with tall, dark and handsome man muscle today’s Man Crush Monday has to offer. We are going to list the hottest men for your consideration. They are all at least 6 feet tall, super good-looking, and have sunkissed skin. Black hair is preferred. My favorites are:

Enrique Iglesias He’s the perfect definition of tall, dark and handsome. Most probably the hottest sing bird ever to come out of Latin world. The Spanish singer has won many hearts with his sexy voice. OMG! He can sing. And with an amazing body like this, it’s no wonder that He has one of the biggest fan groups.

Ben Affleck Whenever he passes by a group of girls, they are like, 'Ooohhh! It’s so called for, especially when you possess a dashing figure like Ben. Women everywhere can hardly wait to see their hero in action.

Josh Hartnett The 35 year old have come a long way from teen flicks to full-fledged fame. He's so sweet and many say, a bit mysterious. Girls are rather eager to watch his perfect body whenever they can.

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Man Crush Monday Irish Hot Streaks You Are Dying to Party with on the Day of St Patrick

You might need a green outfit to look like an Irishman on St Patrick’s Day, but these Irish HOT SHOTS can simply just appear nude to get the fans heartbeat going. That’s right, today’s Man Crush Monday will give you a quick peek at some of the hottest Irish blood ever to rule the silver screen. Here they are:

Stuart Townsend You wouldn’t get tired of Stuart demonstrating his skills in different sexy poses and exposing his nude ass again and again. You can just sit back and enjoy every inch of his adorable sexy body! He’s one sexy hot male with firm ass and brawny torso and other attractive spots of his gorgeous body.

Nicky Byrne One of the most beautiful man in the world. He's cute and sexy, and not to mention; ruggedly handsome. He has a sexy husky Irish accent to go with his funny and smiling face that can instantly heal a broken heart.

Colin Farrell It’s hard to resist a bad boy with an Irish accent. All you need to do is take one look at this smokin' hot Irishman and you will fall in love. Those rolling Irish brogue with hypnotic deep, dark brown eyes makes him one of the hottest bad boy on earth. Any girl would die to become the Bonnie to his Clyde!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers One thing’s for sure; he’s a babe! He’s gorgeous blue eyes and his face chisel like a god's face. He is very, very handsome with His very pouty and kissable lips. His mysterious charm can make all the ladies love him.

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Man Crush Monday Russian Men Are Hot -- Even Sugar Daddies

From a weather that is cold and foul, it sure has produced some of the hottest men muscle on earth. Today’s Man Crush Monday will give you a quick look at the top 20 hottest Russian men around. 

Vladislav Doronin The 46 year old businessman is your ultimate sugar daddy. He is hot. And add to that, he is a Russian billionaire, of course! Over the years Vladislav has earned the nickname of Moscow’s Donald Trump (the hot version I would add). And with his real hair and amazing body, he’s one of the hottest sugar daddies on the planet.

Marat Safin The ultimate bad boy in tennis is the epitome of the hard core sexy Russian. Many top and hot models have revolved around this Russian throughout his carrier. His violent mood swings and mysterious personality always keep the fans fascinated, both on court and off the court.

Roman Abramovich He’s everything a girl want in a man. The current Chelsea FC owner certainly has money. And a hot body like that with a dashing look, undoubtedly puts him as a winner in ladies hearts.

Pavel Bure People don’t just call him the Russian Rocket for nothing; one of the hottest body on ice. His unique speed and agility, kept his opponent and fans stunned over the years.

Vladimir Putin Maybe not quite an outright favorite, but there are plenty of women out there who think Vladimir Putin is sexy and charismatic. Ex KGB member and the current President of Russia has a short and muscular body with baldy head that led to dozens of marriage proposals during his trial!

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Man Crush Monday Appearance Matters - Matthew McConaughey Won Oscar After Losing Abs

Appearance matters. Matthew McConaughey knows it, and proved it.

You probably don't need six pack or eight pack abs to prove yourself as a good actor, but looks are very important on the big screen and they could be one of the key factors prior to gain audience. This is particularly true for young actors. If you don't have a nice appearance, you will have to work a little harder than the next guy who has a perfect physique to get a leading role.

That is why film makers love Matthew McConaughey. In the long journey of becoming a top actor, he completely takes advantage of his athletic appearance and good acting skills to portray characters in various types of films. I was amazed by how he loved to show off his sexy body in almost every movie he was in before 2014; Magic Mike, Killer Joe, Fool's Gold, etc.

But a smart actor should know that your body is no longer the reason why audience like you, when you are already in your 40’s. As an actor who always worked hard on his body in his entire career, Matthew McConaughey knows it very well. So, he decided not to use the six pack to woo audience in 2014. Instead, he impressed everyone by losing 30 pound for his role in “The Dallas Buyers Club”. This change of appearance helped him to justify the character and portray it convincingly. It was appreciated by the audience, and finally he wins Oscar for the best actor, last night.

Other than Matthew McConaughey, I am listing the winners of Academy Award for Best Actor in the past 10 years for this Man Crush Monday #MCM.

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