No-Shave November Anyone?

Man Crush Monday #MCM
No-Shave November Anyone?

All of our #ManCrushMonday followers probably like to see your man neat and clean, perfectly shave in all the right paces. But #NoShaveNovember gives them a perfect opportunity to try out a new look for once. And there are plenty of good reasons why.

Busy! Busy! Busy!

It’s near the end of the calendar year. Your kid’s school office, office routine, everywhere, there is sense of business. So where’s the time to shave. So keep it.

Get Smart

When you sitting in a chair in your room alone and trying to figure out what your next move might be, it helps having a face full of beard. It gives you something to scratch when you are deep into the thought. Maybe that’s why people say, a beard makes a man smart!

Grow the Lincoln in You

Everyone knows what Lincoln did for this country. But what they don’t know is that how Lincoln got to grow that hell of beard. Maybe he was an early developer of the #NoShaveNovember idea and tried it on himself. Whatever the reason is, that’s not going to stop someone like Ryan Reynolds from giving a shot!

Get Attractive

Are you one of those people, trying to get the attention of the girls of you class but failed during the year? Well here’s an idea! Grow a David Beckham style beard and change the mood in #NoShaveNovember. This might be your lucky shot!

Below is the complete A-List of No Shave November for this Man Crush Monday.
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