Hottest Soccer Players to Play in 2014 World Cup Brazil

Man Crush Monday #MCM
Hottest Soccer Players to Play in 2014 World Cup Brazil

This is Man Crush Monday! The World Cup 2014 in Brazil is right around the corner and many crazy fans out there will be waiting eagerly for their desired stars to get in to the action. Let's kick off our #MCM with the list of some of the hottest players who will be the center of attraction this year. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

Most probably the hottest player active right now. He has the looks, the skills and the sharpest body alive. Girls go crazy fantasizing about her. Over the years he’s won the hearts many crazy fans with his skill on the pitch and off the pitch.

Lionel Messi

He’s called the magician of our world. Many call him the greatest player ever to rule that 120 yard. But he also has the most wonderful smile to go with it. All the skills he does with his legs have amazed all kinds of people in millions and millions. And no doubt they will remember him for ages.

Steven Gerrard

One of the most iconic face for the world football and certainly for the football of England. He has a unique look about him which amazes anyone. He has this magnetic personality that attracts anyone around him. He’s one of the most respected footballer ever.

Fernando Torres

This blonde has won many hearts over the years. He’s tall, he’s handsome and he certainly has a killer look. This player has splashed his Spanish flair over the years in style. And certainly many fans would love to see him in action this year.

Gerard Piqué

This Spanish defender has the looks and the skills to win women’s heart. Well certainly won the heart of Shakira. But this won’t prevent the fans to take closer look at him.

Below is the complete A-List of Sexiest Soccer Stars in Brazil World Cup 2014 for this Man Crush Monday.
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