Top 100 Hottest Celebrity Men with Red Hair

Man Crush Monday #MCM
Top 100 Hottest Celebrity Men with Red Hair

There’s a traditional saying that, red-haired men don’t get a good press. But I think the redhead males can be an object of desire. Today’s Man Crush Monday is going to list the 100 hottest natural redheads!

There’s something about those fiery looks that makes you wonder, “What if I had dyed my hair bright red”! Especially when compared to the likes of Ewan McGregor, or the likes of Josh Homme. They have an unapologetically seductive nature in their looks. And when you combine red hair with blue eyes, one of the rarest combination in the world. Most of the natural redheads have brown eyes, and few with hazel or green shades. But red hair and blue eyes, amazing! It’s like the perfect match to be blessed with. Only 0.01% people in the world have this rare combination. Look at Rupert GrintHe has the most wonderful greenish blue eyes you will ever find. 

In some cases you will find that just being a ginger will not make you attractive. And on the silver screen, you’ll realize it, in the harsh way. Take Seth Green for example. The guy is neither a hero nor a villain, more like a compelling douche. But enough said for today. I just wanted to point out that red heads are not the objectives of jokes like people think. They have their own way of attraction and popularity.

Below is the complete A-List of Top 100 Hottest Red Haired Men for this Man Crush Monday.
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