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Man Crush Monday Yay or Nay? Hottest Bald Headed Men

It's Man Crush Monday! Here is the question: Do you think bald men could be hot? Any of you actually prefer bald men? We found that there are quite a few bald male celebrities on our hot lists. They might not have the hair in their head, but the lack of hair adds to their mature, strong and manly apperence. They also have plenty of charm in their body and looks to attract the fans.

Vin Diesel

Big man, a hunk with Brooklyn accent. He has an overpowering magnetism. One of the bald haired slash ass-kicking action hero and pretty boy actor who’s represented as a two-fisted idol. A hero with his own moral and intellectual torments to truly be heroes.

Jason Statham

A badass with a British accent. Has a real bad seductive boy look. Every woman fantasize about him saving their lives. He is astonishingly sexy and ridiculously good-looking. Probably the hottest man is Suits. It doesn’t matter if he has a limited amount of hair. On the contrary, this only adds to his outrageous amount of sex appeal.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is not probably the ladies' man type. But he would never have a problem finding one. He runs around, gets sweaty, and score points. It doesn’t get much hotter than that.

Bruce Willis

One of Hollywood's top dogs. Though he’s on the wrong side of 50, but he still has what it takes to attract women. He’s manly, he’s macho and he’s a charismatic figure. One of the Sexiest Men Alive, well yeah!

LL Cool J

There’s no women in the world who doesn’t like muscular men with cut abs and huge biceps. L.L. has all those gifts along with his smile. He’s been ruling the ladies hearts since the '80s. He’s not afraid of getting dirty and it doesn't seem to matter how nasty he gets.

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Man Crush Monday The Most Famous Criminal Minds

These peoples are defintely not the wanted in people's heart, but they were the most wanted in Police list. Today’s Man Crush Monday will give you a short description of some of the high-profile criminals.

Scott Peterson

One of the convicted criminal of the history who murdered his wife, and their unborn son in 2002. Although he was sentenced to death by lethal injection following his conviction of first-degree murder in 2004, he is still alive in San Quentin State Prison as he appeals for his innocence to the Supreme Court of California.

Rick Salomon

Richard Allan "Rick" Salomon is one of the disputed celebutante, mostly known for his sex tape with Paris Hilton. He also tried to produce a few television shows and movies, but he was unsuccessful.

Ted Bundy

American serial killer, rapist, kidnapper, necrophile; the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you'll ever hear about. He was the very definition of heartless evil. He assaulted and murdered numerous young women and girls. He even confessed to his crime shortly before his execution.

Chris Paciello

He is one of the former associate of Cosa Nostra. He was a member car-theft ring known as The Untouchables. Letter he turned himself as government informant. He was convicted of murder.

Charles Manson

An American criminal and musician. He led the Manson Family that ascended from the California desert. He is mostly known for his conspiracy to commit the murders of actress Sharon Tate and four other people at Tate's home.

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Man Crush Monday Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with A-List Mexican Celebrity Men

It's Man Crush Monday! And we're celebriting Cinco de Mayo! So we're all about the hottest Mexican guys for our #MCM.

Luis Miguel

The 44 year old singer is nothing but HOT! And add to that, he is a Song bird, of course! Over the years Luis has earned the nickname of Mexico’s hottest songbird. And with his real hair and amazing body, he’s one of the hottest guy on the planet.

Fernando Colunga

Fernando Colunga is unbelievably sexy. Maybe not the most classical of the hotties, but he has an erotic aura which arguably makes him one of the sexiest Mexican guy on earth with those seductive eyes and the hair.

David Zepeda

This is one of the guy, you probably wouldn’t get tired of seeing in different sexy poses and exposing his nude body again and again. All the ladies out there can just sit back and enjoy that sweet sexy body! He’s one sexy hot male with firm abs and other attractive spots of his striking body.

Erick Elias

He’s tall, he’s dark and of course he’s handsome. The 33 year old have traveled a lot through his ups and downs and embraced the full-fledged fame. He's so sweet and many say, a bit sensitive. Don’t miss a chance to watch his perfect body whenever you can.

Eugenio Siller

Eugenio has a unique look to him with his hair gracing the top of his ears, and those cute brown eyes. One of the hottest guy from the Mexico with a hot body and killer look.

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Man Crush Monday Top 100 Hot Male Celebrities with Green Eyes

Weather is turning Green as the spring hits the nature and so are we. In today’s Man Crush Monday, I'll give a list of the 100 sexiest green eyed men in the world. And some of my favorites are:

Gerard Butler

At the age of 44 and he is still looking smoking hot. He has a killer body to go with that sexy Irish accent. No matter how many times you set eyes on his green eyes, they will pierce your heart. This handsome lad is strong with a heart of gold – awwww!

Alex Pettyfer

I don’t even know where to begin with this guy. Everything he does is sexy! Whether he is in Dapper or in Retro Dapper, in sassy, in beach bum, silly workout routine, or even in a stupid sunglass; he is sexy. And if you get a wink of that Sexy Green Eye…WOW!

David Beckham

Let’s forget about the term GREEN EYE for a sec. Because that’s not the only thing sexy about this guy. When the name David Beckham is uttered, it can hit the roof of any chick’s lust-level in a matter of nanoseconds. Just mentioning his name can make millions of women fantasize. Obviously he’s hot, David Beckham has everything a woman could want in a guy. He runs around, gets sweaty, and score goals. It doesn’t get much sexier than that.

Jensen Ackles

He’s perfect in every single way. He is funny, and when it comes to his looks - you just can't get over his smile. His incredibly beautiful eyes are a huge part of his acting skills. Very few actors have a perfect combination of beauty, charm, talent and modesty; like Jensen.

Channing Tatum

One of the most respected guys around the Hollywood world. One thing is sure about Channing is that, he is romantic. He's got great abs to go with those beautiful green eye.

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