The Secrets Pro Wrestlers Won't Tell You & Top 100 Hottest Wrestlers

Man Crush Monday #MCM
The Secrets Pro Wrestlers Won't Tell You & Top 100 Hottest Wrestlers

If I ask who among you like muscular wrestlers, raise your hands, many of our #ManCrushMonday people might do so. But here’s some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about wrestling and wrestlers. We will also list the top 100 most popular wrestlers.

Wrestlers Are Heavy Steroid Users

Can you imagine your little kid’s iconic wrestler is a heavy steroid user! But that’s the hard truth. Well actually in most cases. They don’t just get that kind body size by doing 24/7 work out and diet control. They use steroids to get their preferred body shape and size. Although now a days WWE enforces a strict drug policy and testing that makes it impossible for current wrestlers to use enhanced substances, or THEY TRY TO!

Wrestlers Are In It for the Money

You think someone like Randy Orton is fighting for their life just to win the hearts of millions of fans! Well think again. They are only in it for the money. They do all that stunts on the ring, on the TV just to earn a hefty sum of money. Although there are exceptions. They’re in it because they love the wrestling business (and the money).

Wrestlers Are Just, Like, Too Violent

If you think Game of Thrones is violent, then imagine John Cena jumping from 50 feet high stand into hard steel board on live stage. That’s just too much. But that’s how it is. Hitting with chair and tables are a day to day act. But sometime they take it too far.

Below is the complete A-List of Top 100 Hottest Wrestlers for this Man Crush Monday.
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