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Man Crush Monday Long Haired Hot Guys: 5 Reasons Why Guys Should Grow Long Hair

When you see Chris Hemsworth or David Beckham in action with those long and lustful hairstyle, you just eagerly think about joining the long hair club as well. But you are still not sure about what parts of the long hair style are the most attractive. So Man Crush Monday #MCM is here to tell you about top reasons why you should want your hair to grow.

Luxurious Feeling: You won’t have to worry about what you wear when you have golden fiery locks like Brad Pitt. Just leave it open and you will have a million dollar look as the shine flaunts in the air. Everyone will be so attracted to your hairstyle rather than your wardrobe.

Long Hairstyles 1
Hide Your Weak Points: When you don’t have a muscular body like Shia LaBeouf or John Mayer, you can move all the attention of people from your body to your face just by having a longer style, SO EASY!

Long Hairstyles 2
Save The Cost of a Haircut: You won’t have to worry about going to the barber shop every month and having a haircut. Just think about Johnny Depp for example. The guy has gone most of his career with long hairstyle. Imagine How Much Money He Saved!

Long Hairstyles 3
Feel Powerful & Sexy: If you are Matthew McConaughey or Orlando Bloom than you can just leave everything and rely on your long hair. It’s hard to imagine how much SEXINESS it adds to those cute faces. WOW!

Long Hairstyles 4
Enjoy Freedom: If long hair doesn’t represent freedom, I don’t know what does. I mean it’s the very symbol of independence having your hair flowing in the breeze like Tom Cruise.


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Man Crush Monday 5 Interesting Dating Habits of Middle Eastern Men

Thinking of meeting an Arab or Middle Eastern guy over the dinner, well you may want to consider these things first. Today’s Man Crush Monday will give you some interesting facts about them.

Complaining all the time

They don’t throw tantrums at their overly jealous woman when she looks at other men in the room, instead they COMPLAIN! I mean, you don’t own her like the Sultans of ancient times. They need to stop acting like one.


They are so cheap! Not in the money department, No No… they have plenty of those in their oil tanks, but they are so cheap in mind. I mean what’s the point of buying her gifts and showering her with jewelries, if you are gonna complain at the end of the day. How cheap can they get!

Two Minded

Here they are, looking for a good girl from a “good family”, and suddenly they want her to join them on a getaway weekend by lying to her parents. I mean come on! Set your mind right. Justify yourself before you try to justify a girl.

So Cruel

Imagine your wife’s best friend is in the town and she is going through a tough break up. And instead of helping her you selfishly force your lady to ditch her best friend. Could you get any lower! What if she does the same to you?


No matter how much honesty you show to them by telling them about your previous relationship, you will still be on the end of their BAD EYE! They just don’t get it.


Still wanna date them. Here’s the list of the top 100 hottest Middle Eastern men:

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Man Crush Monday Hottest Soccer Players to Play in 2014 World Cup Brazil

This is Man Crush Monday! The World Cup 2014 in Brazil is right around the corner and many crazy fans out there will be waiting eagerly for their desired stars to get in to the action. Let's kick off our #MCM with the list of some of the hottest players who will be the center of attraction this year. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

Most probably the hottest player active right now. He has the looks, the skills and the sharpest body alive. Girls go crazy fantasizing about her. Over the years he’s won the hearts many crazy fans with his skill on the pitch and off the pitch.

Lionel Messi

He’s called the magician of our world. Many call him the greatest player ever to rule that 120 yard. But he also has the most wonderful smile to go with it. All the skills he does with his legs have amazed all kinds of people in millions and millions. And no doubt they will remember him for ages.

Steven Gerrard

One of the most iconic face for the world football and certainly for the football of England. He has a unique look about him which amazes anyone. He has this magnetic personality that attracts anyone around him. He’s one of the most respected footballer ever.

Fernando Torres

This blonde has won many hearts over the years. He’s tall, he’s handsome and he certainly has a killer look. This player has splashed his Spanish flair over the years in style. And certainly many fans would love to see him in action this year.

Gerard Piqué

This Spanish defender has the looks and the skills to win women’s heart. Well certainly won the heart of Shakira. But this won’t prevent the fans to take closer look at him.

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Man Crush Monday Top 100 Hottest Asian Actors & Celebrities

First of all, Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all of our past & present service men & women. We will never forget your service. 

So it's also Monday Crush Monday MCM! Our topic is about hot Asian men. We will give you a peek at the hottest and sexiest Asian male celebrities.

Bum Kim

Probably the hottest Asian man ever to come on the silver-screen. Everyone loves a guy with a hot Asian accent, that’s so sexy! He has his way with his body with those curvy abs that can blow any woman’s mind away. He’s so hot!

Coco Martin

No woman can resist a bad boy with an Asian accent. All you gotta to do is have one peek at this smokin' hot Filipino and you will fall for him. That rolling Asian look with hypnotic eyes, makes him one of the sexiest bad boy on Asia.

Dingdong Dantes

He is tall, dark and ruggedly handsome. He’s come a long way from an overacting teen to a self-judging celebrity with fame. He's so sweet and funny in his character some might say, a bit mysterious.

Jericho Rosales

This guy is perfect in every way. He is so sweet and sensitive and he can win any woman’s heart with his smile. He’s the most beautiful eyes to go with that smile. Very few actors have this killer combination of charm and modesty.

Jackie Chan

Let’s forget about whether he’s Asian or not. Because this guy is an international superstar. With amount of popularity this guy has, no one even remembers he’s Asian. When the name Jackie Chan is uttered, “unbelievable stunts” is the only word appears. The guy does his own stunt. It doesn’t get much sexier than that.

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