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Man Crush Monday Top 100 Hottest Argentinian Men

On today's Man Crush Monday we are talking about men of Argentina. First of all, the people of Argentina love football as they love to eat. They treat football as their part and parcel of life. They treat Lionel Messi as their football GOD. It’s obvious that the people there love their football and it’s a part of their culture. As a result they have produced some of the Best talents world’s football has ever seen. Stars like Diego Armando Maradona and Gabriel Batistuta have kept the Argentine flag high, and many more will follow for sure.

Argentine people sure know how to express their feelings. They are so emotional and they proved that when they beat Netherlands in the Semi- final of the Brazil World Cup 2014. It turned out to be one of the biggest crying frenzy of the century as they reached the final in 24 years. They are so passionate in every aspect of their life.

Argentinian men are attractive. Their dark hair and eyes are well complemented by olive skin and passionate gestures like Sebastián Rulli or Facundo Arana. If you dream of being swept off your feet in courtship, your Argentinean boyfriend can be depended upon to make your wishes come true. Along with the fact that guys here are natural blessed with good looks, Argentinean men in general are quite conscious of their appearance.

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Man Crush Monday Top 100 Most Handsome German Men

We are turning our attention to our favorite heroes of the Brazil World Cup, German Football Team. Today’s Men Crush Monday will give you a quick look at some of the hottest German footballers. We'll also have a list of the top 100 sexist German men. 

Mario Gotze

This German sweetheart has been showing his charming skills both on the pith and off the pitch. He’s gonna be quite the catch for all the ladies out there. They are gonna keep a close eye of course, in Brazil!

Lukas Podolski

He may not be the tallest on the pitch, but he certainly have the guts and quite the handsome devil. This German superstar (Nickname is ‘Poldi’, sometimes ‘Prince Poldi’) has been known for his rough and tough attitude which many considers as one of the sexiest look of the football world.

Bastian Schweinsteiger

He’s been the main star for German football for quite some time. This dashing midfielder’s been the center of German football now a days. And no doubt that all expectations will be on him to produce a great show on the biggest stage this year.

Michael Ballack

He’s been quite the bad bay of German football. This sexy hunk once ruled those 120 meter field and kept his opponent at his will. Although he’s not playing this year but his legacy is still very much present.

Manuel Neuer

The name itself puts the doubt into the heart of the opponent about their abilities. He’s like the superman of modern football/ he is always at his feet to keep the goal line clear. He’s done some amazing things for his country and many more to follow for sure.

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Man Crush Monday Top 100 Hottest Middle Eastern Male Celebs & Actors

Mysterious piercing eyes, charming good looks, luxuriant dark hair and eyes are well complemented by olive skin. Are you ready for this Middle Eastern Man Crush Monday? We're listing a collection of the most handsome and famous middle eastern men. Although some Arab and Middle Eastern guys are criticized for their dating habits, these people certainly represent Middle East in a positive light. If any of you #MCM followers has ever wondered about why their lands have so much heat, well you are about to be answered. 

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Man Crush Monday Top 100 Most Desirable Hispanic/Latino Men

It's Man Crush Monday! We're listing 100 the hottest and most desirable Hispanic male celebs. Some of my favorites are:

Wilmer ValderramaOne of the cutest Hispanic star to ever come on the silver screen. May not be the fan favorite but he’s certainly their favorite man in many women’s heart; he's managed to date some of the hottest women in the business. Valderrama's romantic success has made him the, "Venezuelan man-trophy."

Pitbull, there’s something about the Hispanic blood that sets the bar high into the rhythm and it was certainly proved by J-lo and Pitbull in their performance at the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony. Pitbull have this own canine charm in his music video that can shake people from inside. Not only that, it can shake some of the famous booties as well. Many hottest and sexiest faces of the world would love to get in action with this Hispanic rapper.

Tough and strong Alex RodríguezHe’s just like the name stands for. He’s been one of the strong points for the New York Yankees in recent years. But he’s also very favorite in women’s heart. Many would love to see this hunk beside them.

One of the sweetie-pie from American idol, David Archuleta has a killer tune to die for, he’s a combination of masculine sound with sex appeal. No doubt that he’s won a place in women’s heart with all those talents.

Since breaking onto the big stage in 1995 with Benicio Del Toro has been compared with some of Hollywood's sexiest leading men. But most would say, Del Toro's sexiness stems from a much darker place. But whatever the reason is, he’s certainly one of the hottest Hispanic male alive.

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