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Woman Crush Wednesday Female Celebrities at the Super Bowl 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII, the most watched television program in U.S. history with 111.5 million viewers, has also the most auspicious celebrities for this year’s advertisements. People often look forward on the celebrities who will be featured in these ads. Look at these three female celebrities for this year’s Super Bowl. Who will be featured in our new Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW?

Sarah McLachlan for Audi.  Audi’s tagline for their new A3 model, “Designed without compromise,” gave birth to the creation of a fake dog breed called the “Doberhuahua” in an effort to show why compromise it a bad thing.

Singer Sarah McLachlan who is known for her famous animal rights PSAs (Photographic Society of America) was chosen by Audi and agreed to make a parody of herself with a fake PSA calling on Americans to help the "Doberhuahua" breed. What Audi actually wanted to imply was that “the connection is that compromise can lead to failure, or perhaps a terrifying hybrid breed of dog with a huge head and tiny body,” as per Huffington Post.

Ellen Degeneres for Beats Music. Who would have thought Ellen will be included in the list? The American stand-up comedian, television host for her self-titled show, and actress came off with a rocky launch with her Beats headphones dancing with bears, which eventually “danced happily ever after.”

The ad is co-branded with AT&T, which is offering Beats on customers' lines for $14.99 per month for up to five users on a family plan.

Anna Kendrick for Newcastle. 2002 film Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick started the web video titled “Behind the Scenes of the Mega Huge Football Game Ad Newcastle Brown Ale Almost Made” by discussing the ad while getting her hair styled. Her rants about the company she’s promoting and what it takes to be a “beer-commercial-hot babe” seems to be the main topic of the ad, and putting down bottles of Newcastle at the end of the ad is such a bright idea.

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Woman Crush Wednesday Top 30 Hottest Mormon Celebrity Women

Everyone finds a certain type of woman beautiful. Personal taste or not, Mormon women are of course stereotypically beautiful, although that does not mean that all are automatically the same definition of beauty. The Mormon celebrity women make a lot of effort to enhance their appearance by staying fit and wearing the right clothes. Also, many of them are still associating the Mormon lifestyle with strong family values, clean living and extensive church attendance and involvement.

Mormon women aren’t like many women today who really flaunt their bodies in skimpy clothing and it gives these Mormon women a sense of purity. Many Mormon women take a long time before they decide to marry because they need to find the right man who they are confident will spend an eternity with them. Mormon women also don’t drink coffee, alcohol or tea; they don’t smoke tobacco or do any sort of drugs either. They don’t do anything that is deemed to be “bad” so they have this very angelic appeal to them; I believe the feeling of these girls being so good kind of makes them that more desirable. Mormon women are also more faithful in their relationships;  giving men less reason to worry that they will cheat on them.

The Mormon culture teaches traditional family values and the Mormon celebrity women seem to be more caring and feminine; this adds to their attractiveness. Take Katherine HeiglConnie Nielsen and Julianne Hough for examples; they are all very famous and beautiful Mormon celebrities. They were brought up as strict Mormons and are still spending a lot of time involved in church activities and services. If you have ever seen these women in interviews you will see how genuinely nice they appear; a definite trait of their Mormon upbringing which only makes them that much more attractive.

Enjoy the list of the top 30 gorgeous Mormons. 

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Woman Crush Wednesday My Top 5 Celebrity Girl Crushes

As a college student, when I get home after a hard day of lectures and studying, I often feel like just sitting back and watching a random movie. I've actually got to see a lot in the past few semesters that have made me subconsciously develop some crushes for movie actresses I admire. I’m going to share with you my top 5 celebrity woman crushes.

First off we have to start with one of my personal favorite celebrity crushes that I was reminded of when watching the Pirates of the Caribbean marathon and that is, the incredibly beautiful Keira Knightley. What I like most about her is her ability to transform her character. In the first film she was your natural damsel in distress kind of character, but by the third movie she is such a bad-ass and a strong female lead; I liked seeing Keira Knightley's transformation so much that I was just hooked.

My second is Emma Watson who is actually a surprise favorite of mine; I got so bored one day when I had no classes and had a day off from college that I just decided to have a Harry Potter marathon and watched all the movies in order. At first you see Emma Watson as Hermione in the first movie and you know she’s a kind of a cute kid; she reminded me of a squirrel. But at like the fourth movie and so on,  she just kept getting more and more beautiful; it was kind of like my love for her grew and now she is really a beautiful woman who I hope to see in more movies.

Third on my girl-crushes list is Kate Upton and she may not be an actress like my first two crushes, but she is one incredible model; she’s a really gorgeous curvy blonde and I love that about her. I hear so many people calling her a plus size model and I just don’t get it. Compared to all the heaps of skin and bones in the modeling world; she not only looks healthy, but so damn beautiful and she is probably one of my favorite models.

Fourth is Halle Berry; I have always been such a fan of hers and mostly because I liked her as Catwoman. Most of us students in college think the movie sucked, there is no doubt about that, but I feel like she was a perfect Catwoman. She has just the right amount of sex appeal to make this character work, even in a bad movie.

My Last pick on my celebrity crushes list is Jennifer Lawrence. She is just in general such an amazing woman. In her interviews she is always so much fun, she really is hilarious and seems like a naturally good person. Jennifer Lawrence is very well-known for her role in The Hunger Games but I haven’t seen those movies; what really made me fall in love with her was her role in The Silver Linings Playbook, which was such a great movie. 

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