Woman Crush Wednesday

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Woman Crush Wednesday Top 100 Most Beautiful Asian Actresses & Celebrities

Happy Woman Crush Wednesday! Today we list the 100 sexiest Asian women in the world. These women have the looks, they have the body and they certainly have what it takes to win your heart.

Marian Rivera

At your very first glance, you will feel something about this gorgeous actress which will attract your attention right away. A smart and decisive woman with a good sense of fashion. She has a curvaceous sexy body to go with her flawless acting that captured the hearts of many.

Brenda Song

She still has the face of a glowing teenager coming straight out of Disneyland. People still imagine that cheerful young actress from the sweet life of Zack and Cody. She has a flawless figure and youthful looks to blow anyone’s mind.

Angel Locsin

When you glare at all the cover of the magazines she' sexually poses herself in, you will sure find a sharp cookie with her dark hair. It’s a killer combination. She is one of the cutest gal from the orient who can blow you away with her hotness.

Kim Chiu

Probably the most humorous gal you can think of with the looks. She's a beautiful face, awesome body and seductive eyes. She’s what it takes to rule the silver screen in the coming years.

Lucy Liu

She has a playful mind, she is quite artsy and most importantly, she is damn sexy. With a ridiculously hot body, it doesn’t matter how and when you look at her. She is one of the established international star from this side of the world.

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Woman Crush Wednesday Top 25 Celebs with Crazy Cool Hair Colors

It's Woman Crush Wednesday! When it comes to “changing hair style”, these gals are always several steps ahead of the others. They change their hair more than the nature change its color. 

Nicki Minaj When the subject of Nicki Minaj's hair comes up, there are few words that come to mind…colorful, crazy and eclectic. Over the years we've seen plenty of wild, sometimes wacky but she's toned these days. She's always at the spot light at Fashion Week for her new hair styles.

Demi Lovato Demi Lovato changes her hair like her shoes and she's not afraid to experiment. From brunette and blonde to neon pink dip dyes. From electric blue wash, to her normal medium brown. From jet black hair color to lighter more honey brown color. One of our FAVOURITE Demi Lovato when Demi turned blonde effortlessly.

Kelly Osbourne Kelly Osbourne has probably changed her hair more than. Since her arrival in the big stage in 2002, we’ve seen Kelly’s hair to turn pink, to purple, to red, to blonde and infamous black. She is like the Manic Panic queen of silver-screen.

Amy Shirley She first announced herself as a rebellious teen trying to get the attention. And she tried to do with her changing hairstyles over the years. Her first change came when she turned Goth girl with those black hairs. From jet black to white-hot platinum and every other shade in between, Amy tried to experiment with hair hues.

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Woman Crush Wednesday The Most Famous Criminal Female Celebs

You all heard of the saying, “looks can be deceiving”. Well after reading this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday, you will have a better idea about it.

Amy Fisher

Probably known as "the Long Island Lolita". She got into the attention of the world at the age of 17 when she shot and severely wounded her lover’s wife. After serving six years in prison she got out in 1999, she turned herself as a journalist and writer after that. But her biggest turnaround came when she decided to become a porn star in 2007.

Jodi Arias

She murdered her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander who was a salesman. His body was stabbed severely, his throat was slit, and a he was shot in the head. She even testified her action at the trial, but she claimed it was self-defense.

Virginia Hill

One of the most famous figure in American organized crime. She worked as a courier for the gangs. She got the attention when she dated mobster Bugsy Siegel.

Leslie Van Houten

She spent most of her time working with Charles Manson's "Family". She was charge with the murders of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca.

Betty Broderick

Not the celebrity type, she was more of an American suburban housewife. She was convicted of her ex-husband’s murder and his second wife. After couple of trials and conviction, she was sentenced to 32 years to life in prison. It was a controversial case and it got the attention of lots of media. Even plenty of books and several TV shows were made regarding the incident.

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Woman Crush Wednesday Top 10 Super Boobs & 10 Reasons Why We Love Them

It's Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW! There are a thousand and one reasons to love big boobs! But here we're listing our top 10! After this article, we're also listing 10 models who have special bra cup "J" and cup "K" -- super large breasts. 

  1. Babies loves to eat them.

  2. Boobs are great place to store things and carry it with you.

  3. Boys love to play with them.

  4. Boobs help girls to stand upright (scientifically proven).

  5. Boobs can help you to get a job.

  6. It can add extra attraction to boring faces.

  7. They are found only in Females.

  8. Boobs can seduce any man.

  9. Bobs are the perfect place to sleep.

  10. Boobs can get anyone in bed with you. 

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