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Woman Crush Wednesday Hot Beach Bodies of The Week

For most of you the summer isn't here yet. But we noticed that many stars just started to take time to enjoy themselves in bikini. It defintely gives us some summer spirit. Today’s Woman Crush Monday will give you a hot peak at some of the hottest beach bodies of this week.

Kim Kardashian Flourishes Amazing Body in Thailand!

Super-hot Kim was enjoying the sun shine in Thailand on Monday, for a beach photo shoot. Even after giving birth to a child, it’s amazing how she still manages to keep that amazing bikini body. Fans won’t be disappointed after the 33-year-old's showing off her fit figure.

Cara D & Michelle Rodriguez Making Out On the Beach!

You must be eager to see Michelle Rodriguez and supermodel Cara Delevingne, making out on public. Than your wait is over. Cara took things to a whole new level, leaving her bikini top on the beach and…MAKING OUT! It's better than any fan could ever wished for.

Joanna Krupa Heats Up the Miami Beach

You can be sure of extended summer sales, when Joanna Krupa does a photoshoot for your brand. Esotiq swimwear kept that in mind, as she showed off her beach bod in an animal print bikini. Her breasts and pasties were visible under the sheer fabric.

Bria Murphy hits the beach in Hawaii in tiny bikini

If you want to become a Victoria's Secret model than you gotta…SHOW OFF! It looks like Bria did just that, showing off her athletic figure in a tiny gold and white bikini leaving her bikini top on the beach in Hawaii on Tuesday. The tiny two-piece was perfectly put on to display every inch of her fabulous physique as she threw herself into the game.

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Woman Crush Wednesday Famous Smart Blondes

After reading our Top 100 Blue Eyes Blonde Hair Celebs list, most people were stunned by the irresistible beauty of blonde women. But people also say blonde girls are dumb:

well think again. Many of blonde women are actually much smarter than you. This week’s Women Crush Wednesday, for instance, is going to list a few famous smart blonde celebrity women. 

Blake Lively 
She is stunning. She got married to Ryan Reynolds and that is smart.

Jenny McCarthy
At first look, anyone will see McCarthy as a perfect, brassy and not to mention funny blonde. But she seems smart too. People love to see her on the magazine covers, whether clothed or nude. She knows how to manage her body issues to keep her sex appeal even at the age of 40.

Taylor Swift
She knows how to mix cuteness with hotness! She is awesome. Everybody loves this girl. She is so smart and really brilliant. She works very, very hard and her fans think of her as the cute girl next door.

Amanda Seyfried
There is something about this gorgeous grey eyed blonde hair actress that catches your attention at the very first glance. She is quite smart and decisive when it comes to fashion. She has captured the hearts of many with her flawless acting and her very curvaceous sexy body.

Amber Heard
She can deceived any man with sexy blonde hair and killer body. But that’s not all. This actress is a whip-smart, strong-willed woman. Stunningly beautiful Amber Heard is one of the stylish sex icon of Hollywood.

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Woman Crush Wednesday Ukrainian War Beauties

Looks like Ukraine just lost Crimea. I mostly feel sorry for those people who live in Ukraine and didn’t want their land to become a part of Russia. I hope Ukraine is not going to lose anything else. It has been too much suffering for a small country . 

But regardless of the ongoing crisis, our fetish on gorgeous Ukrainian women continues. Today's WCW we list another 25 famous Ukrainian beauties.

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Woman Crush Wednesday Need I Say More? Russian Women Speak Sexy!

Get ready people, ‘cause here comes the hot and sexy Russian women to blow your mind out. Today’s Woman Crush Wednesday will give you a quick peak at the top 20 hottest and sexiest Russian women.

Irina Shayk It’s pretty hard ‘not to’ have a crush on her. She is just unbelievable. The sizzling hot Russian beauty have taken the attention of so many big names, over the years. Irina is amazingly hot and super sexy, makes you wonder; IS SHE FOR REAL!

Maria Sharapova She is tall, she is blonde and she is freaking gorgeous. The Russian tennis star has been the center of attraction in the tennis world for many years. With those long legs and blonde hair, she is arguably the hottest thing to land on the tennis court.

Anne Vyalitsyna Thu stunning and beautiful Russian model, Vyalitsyna, has a perfect body to die for. All the amazing inch perfect curves of her body has helped her to get on the heart of many crazy fans. Some even consider her the supermodel GODESS!

Natalia Vodianova She still has the face and the body of a teenager after having three kids and a ten year career, WOW! The Russian supermodel has a flawless figure and youthful looks that earned her the nickname 'Super Nova'.

Yelena Isinbayeva There is something special about the 31-year-old pole vault queen from Russia. People say pole vaulters have beautiful bodies. Well that might be an understatement for Isinbayeva and her ‘L-Phase’ body. Her flexible body has driven mass worship over the years.

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