Woman Crush Wednesday

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Woman Crush Wednesday 100 Beautiful Female Celebs with Green Eyes

It’s time to turn the pages to the other half…I mean the better half. Here’s the sexiest green-eyed female celebs.

Rihanna A beautiful young lady with an unmatched mesmerizing sense of sex appeal. There is something magical about her eyes…they speak or maybe even sing. The sexy and aggressive Barbadian accent is enough to excite any of you. Add to that, her luscious legs and the white sanded beaches of her silky smooth skin.

Scarlett Johansson The sexiest woman alive. Not once, but twice. It’s no surprise at all. Just imagine, a green-eyed beauty with an ample 36DD bosom. Her pouty lips are in perfect combination with those seductive eyes and perfectly sculpted legs.

Angelina Jolie She's Hot. That’s the first thing comes in mind when people think of her. Bosomy and wasp-waisted, with that curtain of hair and those crazy lips, not to mention the seductive green eyes. It’s hard not to fantasize about her. Even straight women are crazy about her.

Madonna Many consider her the SEX GODESS! From Material Girl to Kabbalah sexpot, she turned herself as the most dominant female musician of her generation. No matter which plausible look she pulls off, she looks sexy each step of the way. Madonna’s sexiness ranges way beyond her looks with her kinky wild side.

Emma Stone Can you think of a girl with the looks and the sense of humor, like Emma? She's got a beautiful face, an awesome body and gaping green eyes. She’s gonna rule the silver screen for a long…long time.

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Woman Crush Wednesday Top 100 Sexiest Jewish Women

Happy Woman Crush Wednesday! Who are the hottest Jewish women on the planet?

Talented Jewish Actress Scarlett Johansson

Most probably the hottest and the sexiest Jewish actress ever to rule the silver screen. And those back to back “Sexiest Woman on the Planet” award speaks for themselves. Look at her face and her hair. Not to mention that amazingly curved body with those perfect boobs. Above all, she is a talented actress.

Hollywood Sex Symbol Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is arguably one of the sex symbol of Hollywood. She slowly but surely has proven herself as one of the most desirable women. Which was also reflected by her “Sexiest Woman Alive”. She has a kind of smoky beauty and girl-next-door appeal that can tempt any man’s heart.

Hollywood Brunette Kat Dennings

One of the remaining brunette of Hollywood without the tan. She has an eccentric sexiness with her full, gorgeous lips. And those big blue eyes are the perfect match for her ivory skin. Not to mention those perfect curves in her body; makes any man to want her.

Alison Brie is the Bae

She, sure is one sharp cookie with the way she sexually poses herself in the cover of some of the top magazines. Her dark hair to go with those light, it’s a killer combination. One of the cutest chic on the plant can sometime melt you, with her Jewish hotness.

Jewish Hottie Rosie Huntington Whiteley

She is playful, she is artsy & she is damn fine. She’s pretty ridiculously hot. No matter how you and when you look at her, Rosie looks absolutely gorgeous in every single moment. Guys get confused by her hotness and the beauty.

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Woman Crush Wednesday Top 100 Beautiful Mixed-Race Women You Didn't Know of

This week’s woman crush Wednesday will give you a list of the top 100 most attractive mixed-race women celebrities. Some of my favoriates are:

Alia Shawkat is half Arab

You might get a bit of hint of her Iraqi descent from her father's side with all the Arab and Jewish characters on TV, this young 20-something star has played. Her role as 'Maeby Funke' on TV serial 'Arrested Development' is a good example.

Aubrey Plaza is part Puerto Rican

What many fans don’t know is that the star is actually part Puerto Rican. The 29-year-old star is not bothered about her little known Puerto Rican heritage, and quite happy to share some of the “awkward” cultures. She says these things bring humor into her everyday life.

Olivia Munn is quarter Chinese

Her father is German-Irish and her mother is Chinese. She was born in Oklahoma but was raised predominantly in Tokyo. She attended Oklahoma University before moving to LA to pursue an acting career.

Karen O is half-Korean

Feisty front-woman Karen O might be raised in New Jersey, but her Asian heritage is what made her the person she is today. She was born in South Korea to a Korean mother and a Polish father.

Nicki Minaj is Indo-African

She is Indo-Trinidadian or Afro-Trinidadian from her father’s side. She is Afro-Trinidadian from her mother’s side. She was born Onika Maraj in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago.

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Woman Crush Wednesday Top 100 Most Beautiful Red Haired Actresses & Celebs

Lovely pastel-like skin tone with freckles will make one stand out in a crowd. You can get blondes and brunettes anywhere, but redheads are usually tough to find. If your preferences lean towards redheads without a lot of freckles like Nicole Kidman or Amy Adams, this is even more rare. They are mythical creatures. It makes some people think gingers are hotter than all the other whites. That's why some girls have their hair dyed red. But I'd tell you that it's difficult to pull off red hair. You need a light complextion, and lighter eye brows, just for the natural effect. So with all the myths associated to the sexual appearance of the ginger people, we listed the the 100 hottest red-haired men on our Man Crush Monday. And today, we are presenting the top 100 most beautiful female celebrities with natural red hair. No fake red dye job here. 

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