100 Beautiful Female Celebs with Green Eyes

Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW
100 Beautiful Female Celebs with Green Eyes

It’s time to turn the pages to the other half…I mean the better half. Here’s the sexiest green-eyed female celebs.

Rihanna A beautiful young lady with an unmatched mesmerizing sense of sex appeal. There is something magical about her eyes…they speak or maybe even sing. The sexy and aggressive Barbadian accent is enough to excite any of you. Add to that, her luscious legs and the white sanded beaches of her silky smooth skin.

Scarlett Johansson The sexiest woman alive. Not once, but twice. It’s no surprise at all. Just imagine, a green-eyed beauty with an ample 36DD bosom. Her pouty lips are in perfect combination with those seductive eyes and perfectly sculpted legs.

Angelina Jolie She's Hot. That’s the first thing comes in mind when people think of her. Bosomy and wasp-waisted, with that curtain of hair and those crazy lips, not to mention the seductive green eyes. It’s hard not to fantasize about her. Even straight women are crazy about her.

Madonna Many consider her the SEX GODESS! From Material Girl to Kabbalah sexpot, she turned herself as the most dominant female musician of her generation. No matter which plausible look she pulls off, she looks sexy each step of the way. Madonna’s sexiness ranges way beyond her looks with her kinky wild side.

Emma Stone Can you think of a girl with the looks and the sense of humor, like Emma? She's got a beautiful face, an awesome body and gaping green eyes. She’s gonna rule the silver screen for a long…long time.

Below is the complete A-List of Top 100 Most Beautiful Green Eyed Women for this Woman Crush Wednesday.
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