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Woman Crush Wednesday Top 50 Most Beautiful WWE Divas

Get ready all the Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW followers, because here comes the world’s most beautiful girl wrestlers and WWE models in this men's world.

Can any of you #WCW people imagine someone as cute as Maryse Ouellet is getting thrown around and banged up in a WWE. What if something happens to any part of her beautiful face or body! Her appeal has a whole new level of unique and kinky dimension. She’s amazingly lean, tight and curvy in all the right places.

Melina Perez possesses the kind of full-figured looks of a female wrestler. And I know many of you #WomanCrushWednesday follower find her incredibly attractive, and die to see her on the cover of Playboy magazine. As it stands out, she hasn’t done it yet. Let’s hope she does.

Who would mind being slammed on the ring when you have deliciously long legs like Eve Torres! This gorgeous, green-eyed goddess has been blessed with so many mouthwatering assets in that flawless 36-26-37 dimensions.

Torrie Wilson doesn’t need to try too hard to look hot. Her gorgeous hair, Delicious boobs will make you dream her posing in a thong bikini, all day long. Imagine she took her clothes off and waved the runner home! It’s hard not to praise that insane body.

She has long legs, she has a tiny waist and she has a large bust, Candice Michelle has a perfect Barbie-doll body that will make you want to play with. Once she tanned her skin and darkened her hair, she got a whole new exotic look. And when she flaunt her assets seductively for the camera, you will go speechless.

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Woman Crush Wednesday Top 100 Argentinian Models & What Make Them Beautiful

These women naturally have angelic features that can affect anyone. They are known for their extreme beauty. That’s right! We are talking about Argentine Women in today’s edition of Women Crush Wednesday. Hashtag WCW -- follow us on FB and @mancrushday on Twitter!

If you look at someone like Luisana Lopilato, you will find out that most Argentine women have flawless skin and perfect body figures. They all have the body that can be featured on Maxim Cover. They don’t need extra make up to make them beautiful. Cause they are born beautiful.

Now imagine someone like Pamela David is standing in front of you TOPLESS! You will probably go SPEECHLESS! But that’s how it is with argentine women. They are so obsessed with their own beauty, they don’t care about their surroundings. So lying nude on the beach is very normal over here.

One thing for certain, they are very passionate. I mean they are the true examples of passion and expression. Take Brenda Asnicar for example. This gal has a voice that can win a man’s heart in an instant. The passion in her voice, the flavor of the country, it’s just amazing.

Although Argentine women are criticized for their skinny body sometimes, but it's part of their beauty. They love to have a slim figure and they are proud of it. Gals like Mariana Espósito or Gabriella Sabatini are the perfect example for having a slim body. And they are not shy of showing it around.

So in the end one thing is certain. The women of Argentine are drop dead gorgeous. So all our #WomanCrushWednesday followers, what are you waiting for, FIND ONE! And if you can’t then see our top 100 hottest Argentinian women list.

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Woman Crush Wednesday Top 100 Most Beautiful German Women

It's Woman Crush Wednesday! Today we turn our attention to some of the hottest faces from Germany. That’s right, today’s WCW will give you a quick peak at some of the hottest German female celebs.

Katarina Witt

She’s been known as the Katarina of her age, a perfect combination of commanding and coquettish. She has a fiery mix of confidence and charm that you wouldn’t get tired of looking at. She is like the frozen lady who never ages. I mean she posed for Playboy, at the age of 40!

Heidi Klum

You can feel the temperature rising when she enters a room. She is undoubtedly one of the sexiest women in the world. You can get lost just by seeing her confident strut and her magnificent hips sway as she walks down the lane. Her voluptuous curves and lines in all the right places to go with those piercing hazel eyes are simply just warm and inviting.

Diane Kruger

She quietly but sure has become one of the sex symbols of Hollywood over the years. Her charming smile is sure to win the hearts of many. She also has a hot body with hot curves.

Claudia Schiffer

If you want to bet any model wearing Chanel with Claudia wearing Jeans, she can take you anytime, anyplace. Her perfectly shaped body has both the sharpness and hotness to blow your mind away. She won the hearts of teenage boys with her charm over the years.

Corinna Schumacher

She’s been known as one of the sweetest faces, not just around Germany but around the globe. Being the spouse of one of the greatest F1 driver of all time, Michael Schumacher, certainly has its toll.  And she handles it beautifully. Great gal.

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Woman Crush Wednesday Top 100 Beautiful Middle Eastern Female Celebs & Actresses

If any of you has ever wondered about why the middle east have so much heat, well you are about to be answered. Today’s woman Crush Wednesday will give you a quick peek at some of the hottest babes of Middle East.

Tuba Buyukustun

She is the perfect definition of classic features with an elegant and sophisticated beauty. Since her first acting break on the 2003, she never looked back and went on to become a famous face in Turkey. She is one of the highly desired actress in the Middle East.

Beren Saat

A radiant brunette, she really is the red hot Turkish babe. She has the perfect olive skin to go with that butter melting stare makes you say, the screen is made for her. She is beautiful and skilled, the perfect red chilly of Turkey.


Her hips clearly don’t lie about the hotness in that body. You can just fall in love with her, Whenever Whenever! She is the fire bomb of modern pop world. When you get to watch those sexy dance moves seductive showing of body, WOW!

Sarah Shahi

It doesn’t get any sexier than these, she is a cheerleader slash lesbians. Sarah has combined both of these forbidden fruits to make a sexy dark-haired goddess. She is not afraid of opening up, it makes you feel like a total porn star afterward.

Kim Kardashian

This sex bomb has given a lot of celebrities a run for their money in the department of “Hot ‘n Sexy”. Her curves have earned maximum exposure which attracted infinite attention. Kardashian is anything but shy about showing off her physicality which was proved by her sex tape. Her raw exotic beauty with sexy confidence, has made her ideal dating material for a lot of men.

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