Cedric Diggory

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(Famous from Triwizard champion)
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Cedric Diggory is straight. He has light brown hair. Scroll down and check out his athletic body, short and/or medium light brown hairstyles & haircuts.

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3 star rating
Rated by 50+ man-crushers
  • 4 star rating I only just realised how stupid the name 'Cedric Diggory' is --
  • 5 star rating Cedric Diggory you are so fine --
  • 1 star rating Can we just acknowledge the fact that I was crying over Cedric Diggory and a man pulled up and it was just so awkward --
  • 1 star rating "We'll celebrate a boy who was, kind and honest, and brave, and true right to the very end." Dumbledore on Cedric Diggory --
  • 3 star rating Hufflepuffs are great. Why does everyone think Hufflepuff is worthless? Cedric Diggory? Tonks? Huh? --
  • 3 star rating How the hell is Cedric Diggory in a Dior Homme commercial? Voldemort fucked him up --
  • 1 star rating Looking at quotes to use for this paper on Harry Potter and I stumbled across "Remember Cedric Diggory" AND SCROLLED BY SO FAST --
  • 5 star rating Of course rory's dad is mr. Weasley. Why wouldn't he be? wish cedric diggory could join the cast. Talk abt an episode I'd have on repeat --
  • 5 star rating Cedric Diggory really had no reason to die. --
  • 4 star rating We had Cedric Diggory Boy, is now Oliver Tate Boy. --
  • 4 star rating Anyone wanna hear the theory of Cedric Diggory being a shovel? --
  • 4 star rating Onlie d8 hufflepuffs if his name is cedric diggory..... --
  • 3 star rating Angela is convinced that cedric diggory and harry potter were gay together --
  • 5 star rating Cedric diggory is dead --
  • 5 star rating Tl dead? so is cedric diggory --
  • 4 star rating Oh man cedric diggory was such a good guy im so upset --
  • 1 star rating "Today we acknowledge a really terrible loss. Cedric Diggory was, as you all know, exceptionally hard working" Shoro :'c --
  • 4 star rating Cedric diggory just died and this is too emotional for me --
  • 3 star rating He is handsome but then Voldemort kills him and he turns into Edward Cullen and idk --
  • 3 star rating I am very happy I am able to imagine Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory while reading this --
  • 1 star rating Crying over Cedric Diggory's death in the airport is uncouth. I must pull myself together or the HP movie marathon cannot go on! --
  • 4 star rating Robert Pattinson looks his best as Cedric Diggory. Very charming. --
  • 5 star rating I dont remember cedric diggory being this hot --
  • 1 star rating I dont even care cedric diggory is my favorite character in harry potter and i am still so angry about his death --
  • 5 star rating My first celebrity crush was Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory --
  • 3 star rating So my brothers friend is name cedric....I can only think of THE CEDRIC DIGGORY. --
  • 4 star rating Cedric diggory is dead and I am a shell of a human --
  • 3 star rating Book or movie, cedric diggory's death is always heart breaking and tear jerking. --
  • 5 star rating -Harry, hai la vittoria in tasca -Non lo so amico, questo Cedric Diggory è forte- NO! Fa schifo! Vincerò di sicuro, ce l'ho in tasca! --
  • 3 star rating Cedric diggory is more famous than cedric lee and cedric diggory isn't even real --
  • 3 star rating Cedric Diggory didn't die Carlisle found him and he is now known as Edward Cullen =)) --
  • 4 star rating Robert Pattinson as he is 10 times better then him as Edward Cullen --
  • 5 star rating He is so dreamy. --
  • 1 star rating You guys praly didnt notice that Cedric Diggory from HP & the Goblet of fire is Edward Cullen from Twilight. --
  • 1 star rating Cishet romantic cho/cedric is alright but hear me out: nonbinary cho chang and their Super Gay best friend cedric diggory --
  • 3 star rating Cedric diggory and tonks are very different but they both embody their house so much --
  • 3 star rating Having a disagreement over whether Cedric Diggory or Viktor Krum is hotter. With my MUM. :( --
  • 3 star rating So after Wormtail killed Cedric Diggory with Avada Kedavra...he became Edward Cullen?! --
  • 3 star rating Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter is just something else maaan --
  • 4 star rating Just realized he is Edward Cullen... I hate everyone --
  • 4 star rating The part where Cedric Diggory dies makes me so emotional I can't --
  • 3 star rating Can someone explain to me the cedric diggory louis tomlinson joke cause i am so confused --
  • 3 star rating Why is it impossible to find Cedric Diggory's triwizard tournament jersey? --
  • 3 star rating Idk what's worse, Cedric Diggory dying or dobby. the heartbreak is pretty equal. --
  • 3 star rating Cedric Diggory in the books is 50x better than Cedric Diggory in the movie --
  • 5 star rating Seriously, who the hell is Cedric Diggory? --
  • 4 star rating Cedric Diggory and Edward Cullen is so different as hell. --
  • 3 star rating The awkward moment when Cedric Diggory dies and is reincarnated as Edward Cullen --
  • 5 star rating Wait, Cedric diggory is with a black girl? Oh... --

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