50 Most Masculine Leo Hunks (Born in August)

Man Crush Monday #MCM
50 Most Masculine Leo Hunks (Born in August)

Leo is seen as the most masculine zodiac sign. It is ruled by the sun, a masculine entity. Leo folks are extroverted, optimistic energetic, and positive! So for this edition of Man Crush Monday and for all of our #ManCrushMonday followers, we are going to light up your mood by giving you a list of 50 the most manly Leo hunks. My top 5 favorites are:

Sam Worthington (August 2)

First hunk of our list comes from the Kangaroo Islands, Sam Worthington. May not be chosen but he has the looks of a formerly considered James Bond. From the GODS of Barbaric ages, to the Robots of the Future ages or the Aliens of the Pandora; he came through all of them in his journey to the success.

Chris Hemsworth (August 11)

Just imagining this superstar can make any woman’s heart HAMMERING like crazy! He can certainly raise storms in fans hearts, without the help of the hammer. He’s like the superhero they never had, oozing a raw masculinity and a gritty charm.

Steve Carell (August 16)

One thing all the Steve Carell fan might want to say to him is, GET SMART! But whatever lacking he has in smartness and hotness department, he certainly makes up for it with his charm and superb sense of humor. I mean the guy does all those weird things in front of the camera and still comes away with the most normal guy of the year award!

Robert De Niro (August 17)

Every time his name is uttered it feels like the heat is rising. He does know how to become the loved jerk when it comes to wining women’s hearts. Awards, acclaim, fame, glory...he’s the perfect dream guy.

Andrew Garfield (August 20)

Andrew Garfield may not be made of steel or your friendly spider, but he knows hot socialize. and with this special power he made a lot of fans in the recent years.

Below is the complete A-List of The Most Masculine Leo Hunks for this Man Crush Monday.
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