The 60 Most Desirable "Tall, Dark and Handsome" Men

Man Crush Monday #MCM
The 60 Most Desirable "Tall, Dark and Handsome" Men

The secret code for today is…Tall! Dark! Handsome! That’s right. Get ready to feast your eyes with tall, dark and handsome man muscle today’s Man Crush Monday has to offer. We are going to list the hottest men for your consideration. They are all at least 6 feet tall, super good-looking, and have sunkissed skin. Black hair is preferred. My favorites are:

Enrique Iglesias He’s the perfect definition of tall, dark and handsome. Most probably the hottest sing bird ever to come out of Latin world. The Spanish singer has won many hearts with his sexy voice. OMG! He can sing. And with an amazing body like this, it’s no wonder that He has one of the biggest fan groups.

Ben Affleck Whenever he passes by a group of girls, they are like, 'Ooohhh! It’s so called for, especially when you possess a dashing figure like Ben. Women everywhere can hardly wait to see their hero in action.

Josh Hartnett The 35 year old have come a long way from teen flicks to full-fledged fame. He's so sweet and many say, a bit mysterious. Girls are rather eager to watch his perfect body whenever they can.

Below is the complete A-List of The Most Desirable Tall Dark and Handsome Men for this Man Crush Monday.
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