Long Haired Hot Guys: 5 Reasons Why Guys Should Grow Long Hair

Man Crush Monday #MCM
Long Haired Hot Guys: 5 Reasons Why Guys Should Grow Long Hair

When you see Chris Hemsworth or David Beckham in action with those long and lustful hairstyle, you just eagerly think about joining the long hair club as well. But you are still not sure about what parts of the long hair style are the most attractive. So Man Crush Monday #MCM is here to tell you about top reasons why you should want your hair to grow.

Luxurious Feeling: You won’t have to worry about what you wear when you have golden fiery locks like Brad Pitt. Just leave it open and you will have a million dollar look as the shine flaunts in the air. Everyone will be so attracted to your hairstyle rather than your wardrobe.

Long Hairstyles 1
Hide Your Weak Points: When you don’t have a muscular body like Shia LaBeouf or John Mayer, you can move all the attention of people from your body to your face just by having a longer style, SO EASY!

Long Hairstyles 2
Save The Cost of a Haircut: You won’t have to worry about going to the barber shop every month and having a haircut. Just think about Johnny Depp for example. The guy has gone most of his career with long hairstyle. Imagine How Much Money He Saved!

Long Hairstyles 3
Feel Powerful & Sexy: If you are Matthew McConaughey or Orlando Bloom than you can just leave everything and rely on your long hair. It’s hard to imagine how much SEXINESS it adds to those cute faces. WOW!

Long Hairstyles 4
Enjoy Freedom: If long hair doesn’t represent freedom, I don’t know what does. I mean it’s the very symbol of independence having your hair flowing in the breeze like Tom Cruise.


Below is the complete A-List of Famous Celebrity Men With Long Hair for this Man Crush Monday.
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