Gayest Straight Celebrities

Man Crush Monday #MCM
Gayest Straight Celebrities

They were 100% hetero - but could have passed as queer without changing a thing. Tom CruiseRyan SeacrestJake Gyllenhaal, and Josh Hutcherson all these pretty men are just too gay. 

As the No. 1 the most popular celebrity on our website, Justin Bieber is one of the prettiest celebrity idols ever. The way he styled his hair and flipped it back makes haters try to harm him by calling him "gay". 

Another man that is straight, but has a very feminine appearance is Bruce Jenner. Have you seen how he looks since he split up with his ex-wife, Kris? He has grown his hair out and rumor has it he got his Adam's apple out. 

Always Sunny in Philadelphia star​ Jimmi Simpson is another married celebrity man surrounded by gay rumors.

And Jim Carrey's flamboyant moment:

Jim Carrey gay


Richard Simmons may not have to come out to be gay. But before he officially comes out, let's assume that he is striaght. 

Richard Simmons gay


And our dearest President. 
gay president Obama

Below is the complete A-List of The Gayest Straight Celebrities for this Man Crush Monday.
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