The 100 Most Charming Scottish Men

Man Crush Monday #MCM
The 100 Most Charming Scottish Men

There is something as captivating and as romantic as a fine Scotch… the men of Scotland. They are like the mild mist that caresses you and all you wish is to hold on to them forever. So hold your breath all you #ManCrushMonday #MCM followers. This is a treat to your senses. 

Men of Honor

The men of Scotland won our hearts with "Braveheart". You might have heard that Scotland is having a referendum on this Thursday to decide whether Scotland would like to become an independent country from the UK. If you voice any support for Scottish independence, you must like this epic movie and have had a man-crush on Mel Gibson. To add to their valor, there is also the way they treat women… with dignity and courtesy. Watch the Scots in "Made of Honor" to see how they treat their women like royalty.

They are Charmers

A well groomed Scot will win hands down when it comes to wooing women. They have the perfect bedroom eyes and these men sweep a woman off her feet with their inherent charm and distinct feature. Sean Connery stole a million hearts as James Bond when he looked dapper in those swimming trunks and accentuated his presence with those perfect jaw lines. We can hardly forget Gerard Butler who seems to be getting sexier with each passing year.

Scots hold Culture very dear

You might see men of other nationality shying away from exhibiting their culture. But not the Scots! Ask them to play the bagpipe, wear a kilt or dance to the beats of their native country dance… a Scot will do all these with pride.

Below is the complete A-List of The Most Charming Scottish Men for this Man Crush Monday.
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Johnny Reid
Scottish, Country Musician
561 visitors had a crush on him
Tommy Flanagan
Scottish, Actor
Average body,
520 visitors had a crush on him
Jimmy Somerville
British singer
514 visitors had a crush on him
Robbie Coltrane
Average body,
513 visitors had a crush on him


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