Hottest Male Athletes to Heat Up the Winter Olympics

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Hottest Male Athletes to Heat Up the Winter Olympics

Fortunately, no matter the sport, the Olympics always offer one thing all we appreciate; sizzling view of hottest man muscle. Many of you already fixed upon your hunk to watch. Here’s a closer look at few of them:

Apolo Anton Ohno Is Super Hot and Single

The Winter Olympics offer limited openings for unbelievably fit and talented athletes to get mostly naked, but that won’t stop the seven-time medalist, Apolo Anton Ohno’s fans from watching eagerly. Apolo used to date his short track teammate Allison Baver. But they broke up in 2008 and now “Chunky” is all on his own.

Shaun White; Nerdy Snowboarder to Sexy Hunk

Just a couple years back you might not have taken a second glance at Shaun White. But for the two-time Winter Olympic gold medalist and record holders of many X Game events, those days are long gone. Shaun has utterly reformed his look, and has grown up from a klutzy teen to a handsome gentleman. He will be seen in 2014 Winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russia, as a part of the USA national team. And this will be the perfect opportunity for you to watch him extra-closely.

Evan Lysacek Is Hot

Evan Lysacek is too hot, probably the hottest athlete for this winter. This guy is not only have a drop dead gorgeous look with a body to match, but he has a thing for cool costumes too. His fashion choice has sleek and sexy color. And no surprise, you will be keeping an eye out for the 6’1, black on black, with sequins, sheer cutouts and feathers at the wrists.

Below is the complete A-List of Hottest Athletes Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 for this Man Crush Monday.
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