Hot Hockey Players Make Sochi Warm 2014

Man Crush Monday #MCM
Hot Hockey Players Make Sochi Warm 2014

What is supposed to be a cold event, sure has its own way of heating up the crowd. The Winter Olympics in Sochi will show off some of the hottest men on earth in action. Top hockey players of the world will be in the headlines for their performance on field and off the field. We will be man-crushing on some of the sexiest hockey players on earth. Here’s a quick look at some of them on this Man Crush Monday #MCM:

Carey Price

Price has a unique look to him with his long-but-not-too-long hair gracing the top of his ears, and those big, brown eyes. He plays for Montreal and seems like a good guy despite his ties to the Canadians. Supporter of the You Can Play Project also adds some popularity to his name. I have a major crush on him. 

Zach Parise

Zach has a way of taking the spotlight and sparking up the debate. The Minnesota Wild player is sure to win the hearts of the fans with his big smile and sparkling eyes for years to come.

Jordan Staal

Jordan Staal comes from a family known for their good looks. But if we had to pick just one man crush, it would be Jordan. There’s just something about Jordan with his prominent jaw, his cheekbones and not to mention his majestic hair whether long or short.

Jonathan Toews

Probably the hottest men in the world of ice, the Chicago captain is a winner in our list and in ladies hearts. His serious looks in those chocolate-brown eyes stand out while his dashing brown hair gives him a boyish tone. Too hot to handle. 

Below is the complete A-List of Hottest Hockey Players Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 for this Man Crush Monday.
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