Top 100 Beautiful Blue Eyed Blonde Haired Actresses & Celebs

Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW
Top 100 Beautiful Blue Eyed Blonde Haired Actresses & Celebs

There are so many beautiful and famous blonde bombshells and I wasn't even able to limit the list to 30 or 50.  I have to list 100. They are successful and gorgeous. Why do men find golden-haired women so very attractive? Among these hottest women, one of my favorite is Uma Thurman. She considers herself more Buddhist than anything else, but she was such a bad ass in Kill Bill. Will the Vol. 3 of Kill Bill come to the big screen in 2014 or 2015? I would be really looking forward to it. Julianne Hough is also such a babe. She grew up as a Mormon. It has been making me wonder why Mormons are so hot although they come in many varieties. That's why the Hottest Mormon Women list finally came to our site. We have compiled the hot female celebrities with the specification of blue eyes blonde hair. Come up to enjoy this Women Crush Wednesday with blonde hairs.

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Below is the complete A-List of Top 100 Blue Eyes Blonde Hair Celebs for this Woman Crush Wednesday.
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