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Woman Crush Wednesday Top 100 Beautiful British Women

We created a massive list of some of the most handsome British men that have ever walked the surface of this Earth within our lived times. One could always argue that we are missing out on so many people because of our focus on the recent decades, but the point remains that the coming of cinema and the camera has made crushing far easier. Imagine crushing on a woman, without an image of her. Only the really imaginative might have some fun doing it.

British women are a tad bit different than the American ones, ain’t it? They usually have that air of mystery around them because the images of those British countryside come to our mind with the Duchesses and Princesses and what not, or those majestic medieval architectures.

At the same time, the sheer urban scale of the UK also dawns on us. It truly is a different place. And difference is always good right? Variety always is after all, as the list below shall demonstrate.

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Woman Crush Wednesday Top 300 All-American Girls

Americans’ come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in a variety of colors i.e. races. America is known for its diversity that was a result of centuries of migration from the Old World.

A look at the following list of hottest women from America leaves nothing to the imagination. You have the blondes, the brunettes, the black-haired goddesses and the fiery redheads.

This list is the quintessential all-American list of the most beautiful American women. Be it your fantasy sports team, movie, gig, they all can be found within this list. The modern, contemporary goddesses of our age exist right in front of our eyes for our crushing pleasure.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get crushing. This is after all the list you have been waiting for, for so long. Start voting and curating!

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Woman Crush Wednesday Top 200 Most Beautiful Blonde Women

Blonde women are the most sought after women in the world. Movies, books, TV shows, our culture’s whole gamut of popular culture mediums have stereotyped the sign of blonde hair into an obvious sign of beauty, of sexuality, of attractiveness and the likes. Be it blonde women or men, nobody is left outside of the ambit of this characterization.

We had done a list of the 100 hottest blue eyed and blonde haired women a few months ago. In the last post we had mentioned that we are picking the cream of layer. This second effort of ours is precisely do get back at those worries. We know very well that blondies are in incredible demand as crushing material and we didn’t want you people to be left out with a limited choice.

So here it is, a second chance at relooking at the beautiful blonde women that we missed out the last time. Get crushing!

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Woman Crush Wednesday The Most Beautiful Gray Eyed Women

Gray has one overwhelming connotation. The connotation that it has is so universal that it makes us believe all of human experience can be equated with it. Nothing is ever black and white, there are always an uncountable shades of grey. The metaphor holds rather nicely for eyes, There are indeed an uncountable variety of eye colors. But, gray eyes are not everywhere and even if they are not everyone can carry them. Like the shade of amber that we covered last week, this time let us turn our gaze towards the gray eyed beauties of the world. The phrase ‘shades of grey’ does bring out those naughty emotions that we have come to associate with the phrase lately because of the book and the adapted movie, Fifty Shades of Grey. Don’t mind the fact that ‘grey’ in that case is name and not a color.

Let us turn our gaze towards the women who sport grey eyes unflinchingly, and carry it with that certain seduction, that the mere everyday people of the street can only aspire to. A number such as 'fifty' doesn't matter, after all as we noted there are uncountable shades of eye colors. But when it comes to carrying those shades, those eyes, with zest and confidence there are only a few. Let’s crush on them this wednesday, and the wednesdays to follow, maybe even on other days.

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