Top 100 Beautiful Middle Eastern Female Celebs & Actresses

Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW
Top 100 Beautiful Middle Eastern Female Celebs & Actresses

If any of you has ever wondered about why the middle east have so much heat, well you are about to be answered. Today’s woman Crush Wednesday will give you a quick peek at some of the hottest babes of Middle East.

Tuba Buyukustun

She is the perfect definition of classic features with an elegant and sophisticated beauty. Since her first acting break on the 2003, she never looked back and went on to become a famous face in Turkey. She is one of the highly desired actress in the Middle East.

Beren Saat

A radiant brunette, she really is the red hot Turkish babe. She has the perfect olive skin to go with that butter melting stare makes you say, the screen is made for her. She is beautiful and skilled, the perfect red chilly of Turkey.


Her hips clearly don’t lie about the hotness in that body. You can just fall in love with her, Whenever Whenever! She is the fire bomb of modern pop world. When you get to watch those sexy dance moves seductive showing of body, WOW!

Sarah Shahi

It doesn’t get any sexier than these, she is a cheerleader slash lesbians. Sarah has combined both of these forbidden fruits to make a sexy dark-haired goddess. She is not afraid of opening up, it makes you feel like a total porn star afterward.

Kim Kardashian

This sex bomb has given a lot of celebrities a run for their money in the department of “Hot ‘n Sexy”. Her curves have earned maximum exposure which attracted infinite attention. Kardashian is anything but shy about showing off her physicality which was proved by her sex tape. Her raw exotic beauty with sexy confidence, has made her ideal dating material for a lot of men.

Below is the complete A-List of Top 100 Sexiest Middle Eastern Women for this Woman Crush Wednesday.
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Daliah Lavi
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