Sexiest Spectacle Wearers of 2014

Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW
Sexiest Spectacle Wearers of 2014

You may have seen them a thousand times but I bet, you haven’t seen them like this. This Women Crush Wednesday will reveal the sexiest female celebrates who wear glasses.


Her magical voice with those Caribbean accent is just mind blowing. There is something special about her eyes…they can sing to your heart. And when she sparkles them with glasses, she is just magnificent.

Emma Watson

People from all around the globe has a weak point for this this British beauty. She has a classic beauty with a great character. Emma’s charm intensifies when she puts the shade on.

Katy Perry

This California girl has emerged as an international sex symbol in recent years. She truly is the American sex symbol in pop music. Singing is not the only talent she has. She can pull out many looks including wearing the glasses.

Jennifer Aniston

You won’t believe how much cuteness still remains on her face even at the age of 43. She’s always been admired for her hair, body and style. But that’s not the only weapon she’s got. Have you ever seen her wearing glasses? If haven’t than I suggest you do it ASAP. Because she looks amazing.

Anne Hathaway

She is quite an enlightened lady. She has her own styles of nudity and she isn’t afraid of taking it all off on film. Anne Hathaway likes the simple things when it comes to fashion like the glasses she wear.

Below is the complete A-List of Sexiest Spectacle Wearers of 2014 for this Woman Crush Wednesday.
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