Famous Smart Blondes

Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW
Famous Smart Blondes

After reading our Top 100 Blue Eyes Blonde Hair Celebs list, most people were stunned by the irresistible beauty of blonde women. But people also say blonde girls are dumb:

well think again. Many of blonde women are actually much smarter than you. This week’s Women Crush Wednesday, for instance, is going to list a few famous smart blonde celebrity women. 

Blake Lively 
She is stunning. She got married to Ryan Reynolds and that is smart.

Jenny McCarthy
At first look, anyone will see McCarthy as a perfect, brassy and not to mention funny blonde. But she seems smart too. People love to see her on the magazine covers, whether clothed or nude. She knows how to manage her body issues to keep her sex appeal even at the age of 40.

Taylor Swift
She knows how to mix cuteness with hotness! She is awesome. Everybody loves this girl. She is so smart and really brilliant. She works very, very hard and her fans think of her as the cute girl next door.

Amanda Seyfried
There is something about this gorgeous grey eyed blonde hair actress that catches your attention at the very first glance. She is quite smart and decisive when it comes to fashion. She has captured the hearts of many with her flawless acting and her very curvaceous sexy body.

Amber Heard
She can deceived any man with sexy blonde hair and killer body. But that’s not all. This actress is a whip-smart, strong-willed woman. Stunningly beautiful Amber Heard is one of the stylish sex icon of Hollywood.

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Below is the complete A-List of Famous Smart Blondes for this Woman Crush Wednesday.
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