The Most Famous Criminal Female Celebs

Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW
The Most Famous Criminal Female Celebs

You all heard of the saying, “looks can be deceiving”. Well after reading this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday, you will have a better idea about it.

Amy Fisher

Probably known as "the Long Island Lolita". She got into the attention of the world at the age of 17 when she shot and severely wounded her lover’s wife. After serving six years in prison she got out in 1999, she turned herself as a journalist and writer after that. But her biggest turnaround came when she decided to become a porn star in 2007.

Jodi Arias

She murdered her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander who was a salesman. His body was stabbed severely, his throat was slit, and a he was shot in the head. She even testified her action at the trial, but she claimed it was self-defense.

Virginia Hill

One of the most famous figure in American organized crime. She worked as a courier for the gangs. She got the attention when she dated mobster Bugsy Siegel.

Leslie Van Houten

She spent most of her time working with Charles Manson's "Family". She was charge with the murders of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca.

Betty Broderick

Not the celebrity type, she was more of an American suburban housewife. She was convicted of her ex-husband’s murder and his second wife. After couple of trials and conviction, she was sentenced to 32 years to life in prison. It was a controversial case and it got the attention of lots of media. Even plenty of books and several TV shows were made regarding the incident.

Below is the complete A-List of The Most Famous Celebrity Criminal Women for this Woman Crush Wednesday.
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