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Man Crush Monday 50 Hottest Masculine Black Celebs You've Never Heard of -- Until Now

We have reconciled the list of top 50 hottest masculine black celebrities. You may not hear about them before. No doubt there are so many hot black men in the entertainment industry. I always had a crush or fascination with the muscle black guys. I blame the media for this. The media and popular culture have ingrained into womens minds that blacks are well-hung studs. Big white smiles with big juicy lips surrounding it. And big feet. They are so sexy and fine; raw and masculine. 

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Man Crush Monday No-Shave November Anyone?

All of our #ManCrushMonday followers probably like to see your man neat and clean, perfectly shave in all the right paces. But #NoShaveNovember gives them a perfect opportunity to try out a new look for once. And there are plenty of good reasons why.

Busy! Busy! Busy!

It’s near the end of the calendar year. Your kid’s school office, office routine, everywhere, there is sense of business. So where’s the time to shave. So keep it.

Get Smart

When you sitting in a chair in your room alone and trying to figure out what your next move might be, it helps having a face full of beard. It gives you something to scratch when you are deep into the thought. Maybe that’s why people say, a beard makes a man smart!

Grow the Lincoln in You

Everyone knows what Lincoln did for this country. But what they don’t know is that how Lincoln got to grow that hell of beard. Maybe he was an early developer of the #NoShaveNovember idea and tried it on himself. Whatever the reason is, that’s not going to stop someone like Ryan Reynolds from giving a shot!

Get Attractive

Are you one of those people, trying to get the attention of the girls of you class but failed during the year? Well here’s an idea! Grow a David Beckham style beard and change the mood in #NoShaveNovember. This might be your lucky shot!

Below are 3 of them. View the full MCM list

Man Crush Monday The Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Well I’m not going to trick you today, but I certainly have a special treat for you. 

Is it Superman…is it Spiderman…no it’s just our same old Irishman…Gerard Butler. Halloween doesn't seem have brought the best in him. He’s looking shy in this captain America costume. Might be a Walmart product? It isn't really bringing out the right curves in his body, even if he is wearing tight pants…

Has anyone called 911! If not, then who is this tipsy guy with a funky smile? Okay it’s cool. It’s none other than our poster boy Chord Overstreet. The police costume is like some random kid in the neighborhood would wear every year. Is he still learning Halloween costume 101? So entry-level. Yawn!!!

I know Jonathan Rhys Meyers had a lot of bloody hot moments on TV shows and movies, but not on Halloween. #notimpresed

Can you tell Tom Brady was in a lion costume? I thought it was a hedgehog. I'd like to bitchslap whoever made this costume. 

Below are 3 of them. View the full MCM list

Man Crush Monday Meet the Cuties & Freaks in AHS: Freak Show

In this edition of #ManCrushMonday #MCM, we will discuss ‘monsters’! Okay… there is no need for you to get a cardiac arrest as all these so-called monsters and freaks are part of a show that you love… American Horror Story. So here we will talk of the male ‘freaks’ who are a tad bit scary, but you ladies are quite impressed with them.

  • Finn Wittrock is our new darling. Many of you gay boys might have seen his nice shirtless body in HBO's The Normal Heart and Showtime’s Masters of Sex. His character in AHS is a kid who never grew up. Need I say more? He does have a youthful, boyish face to convince everyone that he will play the role well. 
  • Cute boi Evan Peters prostituted his lobster-like hands in this show. While some may find his hand awfully big, there are those women who are quite exhilarated by the size of the hands and the joined fingers. Why you ask? Well, maybe the hands remind these naughty girls about an explicit move while they are in bed. But in totality, Peters does a good job with his cute and innocent face and those hands that he should insure lest someone wants to keep them only to themselves!
  • Mat Fraser: The show boasts of big names, and it has given us another one. Mat was born with Phocomelia of both arms and this made him an apt choice in the series. Add to this his ability to captivate viewers and his wit and it is Christmas! It was none other than Mat who said, “… the two things people think you can't do are fight and have sex. So I got a black belt, and I'm really good at shagging”. 
  • Michael Chiklis: His association with acting and entertainment is quite old and thus there is no need to ask why he was selected for the ‘Freak Show’. His freakishness appears in the fact that he is strong yet vulnerable. It will be a treat to your eyes when you see this man tussle with the ladies. 
Below are 3 of them. View the full MCM list


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