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Man Crush Monday The Most Handsome Gray Eyed Men

Gray has one overwhelming connotation. The connotation that it has is so universal that it makes us believe all of human experience can be equated with it. Nothing is ever black and white, there are always an uncountable shades of grey. The metaphor holds rather nicely for eyes, There are indeed an uncountable variety of eye colors. But, gray eyes are not everywhere and even if they are not everyone can carry them. Like the shade of amber that we covered last week, this time let us turn our gaze towards the gray eyed hunks of the world. The phrase ‘shades of grey’ does bring out those naughty emotions that we have come to associate with the phrase lately because of the book and the adapted movie, Fifty Shades of Grey. Don’t mind the fact that ‘grey’ in that case is name and not a color.

Let us turn our gaze towards the men who sport grey eyes unflinchingly, and carry it with that certain seduction, that the mere everyday people of the street can only aspire to. A number such as 'fifty' doesn't matter, after all as we noted there are uncountable shades of eye colors. But when it comes to carrying those shades, those eyes, with zest and confidence there are only a few. Let’s crush on them this wednesday, and the wednesdays to follow, maybe even on other days. Maybe even delve in the fantasies from Fifty Shades of Grey, after all it's not everyday that you see so many gray eyed men in one place.

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Man Crush Monday Handsome Amber Eyed Men

Amber eyes are rare. I mean extremely rare. Those yellowish shades of eyes which we see so often laid out in magazine pictures and billboard images, are not so abundant as those images make us believe. It's not everyday that we come across amber eyed people. Even when it comes to celebrities, the number of people gifted with those amber eyes are a handful few. And that is probably what makes them more likely to have crushes on. The more exotic the better, isn’t it? Crushing on these amber eyed males for this Monday, is a rare gift and opportunity. It’s not often that a you can encounter so many amber eyed stars right at one place.

Get crushing on these men. Those eyes, might as well not leave you for all you know throughout the week. Or even months, who knows? After all, spotting them is not so easy in our mortal lives.

Below are 3 of them. View the full MCM list

Man Crush Monday Top 100 Sexiest Latino Men

We are rating the top 100 sexiest Hispanic/Latino men from the celebrities on the enlighten moment of Man Crush Monday.

Out of these stars, Wilmer Valderrama is leading the agenda with the title of cutest Hispanic star. Owing to the romantic roles, he has taken the hearts of diversified women.  Right second on the list, Resides in the heart of numerous women, Alex Rodriguez is the icon figure for New York masses. One celebrity has come into the lit from the American Idol, David Archuleta. With his killer tune, he has captured a fortunate space in the hearts of the women. Another Hispanic character is Benicia Del Toro who is claiming a Latino man since he has joined the Hollywood.

Apart from the mentioned celebrities, we have much more to unveil for you in the list of top 100 sexiest Hispanic/Latino celebrity males.

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Man Crush Monday Top 100 Hottest Blue Eyes Blonde Hair Actors & Male Celebs

Here we have gathered the collection of top 100 hottest blue eyes blonde hair celebrity men for you to gauge out your favorite ones. Talking about the actors and celebrities, the media is enriched with these characters who reflect hot personalities just because of their blue eyes blonde hair. It might be just a pop culture thing but it seems a lot of guys like blondes and stuck on those features. Do you also think natural blond hair and blue eyes on guys are hot? If so then go ahead and check out the list of the 70 most popular celebs with this feature. Oh wait, you might ask "you have a database of more than 100,000 celebs but only give us 70 blonde guys? " Well first of all, there aren't as many blonde celebrity men as women. It is the statistics. And also, I'm listing the most popular ones here. I'm going to list the less popular ones next week. Have a great Man Crush Monday!

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Below are 3 of them. View the full MCM list


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