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Man Crush Monday Top 100 Most Handsome British Men of All Time

Every girl I have ever known growing up, or even now after so many years, all have a secret fetish for British guys. American movies have portrayed it countless times, how we are awestruck by the British accent, the British man in the pub, mysterious and with the sexy accent and it takes us only a few second to be smitten.

Handsome British guys are all that and much more as we shall see in our today’s list. The list is diverse and at the same time retains one particular characteristic throughout, that of the quintessential British sexiness. I believe I am not alone when I say, that in our heads we have all fancied being taken away by the billionaire playboy every once in a while, but imagine something much more royal. A crush that has a royal affair, a tinge of blue blood?

Let’s crush on British men this week! It is a royal affair, so keep hitting the blue button, after all that’s the closest most of us shall ever come to the blue bloodlines, but there is no harm in some harmless button-crushing now is there?

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Man Crush Monday Top 300 All-American Guys

Speaking men for this Monday, why don’t we turn our attention to Americans today? This the all-American list of the most handsome men.

America Is the center of pop culture. This is not a matter of debate. For that reason, this list would actually be endless, but we are really trying to list the most handsome American men. To get a sense of who are considered the most handsome men we obviously need feedback from you guys.

So, get crushing, and help curate the most amazing all-American list of handsome men. Trust me when I say, we know you all fall over these guys every day, so there is no point hiding it anymore. We have got it all covered, from the muscians to the actors, to the sportsmen and the uncountless other celebrities. 

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Man Crush Monday 100 Handsome Blonde Men of All Time

Movies, books, TV shows, our culture’s whole gamut of popular culture mediums have stereotyped the sign of blonde hair into an obvious sign of beauty, of sexuality, of attractiveness and the likes. Be it blonde women or men, nobody is left outside of the ambit of this characterization.

We had done a list of the hottest blue eyed and blonde haired men a few months ago. In the last post we had mentioned that we are picking the cream of layer. This second effort of ours is precisely do get back at those worries. We know very well that blondies are in incredible demand as crushing material and we didn’t want you people to be left out with a limited choice.

So here it is, a second chance at relooking at handsome blonde men that we missed out in the previous post. Also, we just re-did another list of blonde haired beauties, so do not forget to head there as well. Get crushing!

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Man Crush Monday Most Handsome Canadian Men

Canadians are known for their peace loving nature. The environment of peace and the beautiful climate that Canada has been endowed with makes certain that Canadians have that aura of serenity around them. Canadian celebrities usually get overshadowed by Americans because of Canada’s marginal status in popular culture but they have contributed immensely to American and global popular culture.

The following list is for that reason a reminder of all the Canadian celebrities we tend to overlook in our daily lives when we contemplate over popular culture. It’s not that we forget to take into consideration that Canadian celebrities exist, but simply that, we forget how much the Canadians actually are a part of our global and American popular cultural imagination.

The list at the same time also provides us a list with the most handsome Canadian men. Let us look towards the north this time for our crushes! North might be cold, but it is inhabited by some of the hottest men present around the world, after all the first in our list today are the immensely crushable Ryan Gosling and Justin Beiber!

Below are 3 of them. View the full MCM list


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