5 Interesting Dating Habits of Middle Eastern Men

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5 Interesting Dating Habits of Middle Eastern Men

Thinking of meeting an Arab or Middle Eastern guy over the dinner, well you may want to consider these things first. Today’s Man Crush Monday will give you some interesting facts about them.

Complaining all the time

They don’t throw tantrums at their overly jealous woman when she looks at other men in the room, instead they COMPLAIN! I mean, you don’t own her like the Sultans of ancient times. They need to stop acting like one.


They are so cheap! Not in the money department, No No… they have plenty of those in their oil tanks, but they are so cheap in mind. I mean what’s the point of buying her gifts and showering her with jewelries, if you are gonna complain at the end of the day. How cheap can they get!

Two Minded

Here they are, looking for a good girl from a “good family”, and suddenly they want her to join them on a getaway weekend by lying to her parents. I mean come on! Set your mind right. Justify yourself before you try to justify a girl.

So Cruel

Imagine your wife’s best friend is in the town and she is going through a tough break up. And instead of helping her you selfishly force your lady to ditch her best friend. Could you get any lower! What if she does the same to you?


No matter how much honesty you show to them by telling them about your previous relationship, you will still be on the end of their BAD EYE! They just don’t get it.


Still wanna date them. Here’s the list of the top 100 hottest Middle Eastern men:

Below is the complete A-List of The 200 Hottest Middle Eastern Men for this Man Crush Monday.
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