Appearance Matters - Matthew McConaughey Won Oscar After Losing Abs

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Appearance Matters - Matthew McConaughey Won Oscar After Losing Abs

Appearance matters. Matthew McConaughey knows it, and proved it.

You probably don't need six pack or eight pack abs to prove yourself as a good actor, but looks are very important on the big screen and they could be one of the key factors prior to gain audience. This is particularly true for young actors. If you don't have a nice appearance, you will have to work a little harder than the next guy who has a perfect physique to get a leading role.

That is why film makers love Matthew McConaughey. In the long journey of becoming a top actor, he completely takes advantage of his athletic appearance and good acting skills to portray characters in various types of films. I was amazed by how he loved to show off his sexy body in almost every movie he was in before 2014; Magic Mike, Killer Joe, Fool's Gold, etc.

But a smart actor should know that your body is no longer the reason why audience like you, when you are already in your 40’s. As an actor who always worked hard on his body in his entire career, Matthew McConaughey knows it very well. So, he decided not to use the six pack to woo audience in 2014. Instead, he impressed everyone by losing 30 pound for his role in “The Dallas Buyers Club”. This change of appearance helped him to justify the character and portray it convincingly. It was appreciated by the audience, and finally he wins Oscar for the best actor, last night.

Other than Matthew McConaughey, I am listing the winners of Academy Award for Best Actor in the past 10 years for this Man Crush Monday #MCM.

Below is the complete A-List of Matthew McConaughey Muscle Actors Oscars 2014 for this Man Crush Monday.
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