The Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Man Crush Monday #MCM
The Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Well I’m not going to trick you today, but I certainly have a special treat for you. 

Is it Superman…is it Spiderman…no it’s just our same old Irishman…Gerard Butler. Halloween doesn't seem have brought the best in him. He’s looking shy in this captain America costume. Might be a Walmart product? It isn't really bringing out the right curves in his body, even if he is wearing tight pants…

Has anyone called 911! If not, then who is this tipsy guy with a funky smile? Okay it’s cool. It’s none other than our poster boy Chord Overstreet. The police costume is like some random kid in the neighborhood would wear every year. Is he still learning Halloween costume 101? So entry-level. Yawn!!!

I know Jonathan Rhys Meyers had a lot of bloody hot moments on TV shows and movies, but not on Halloween. #notimpresed

Can you tell Tom Brady was in a lion costume? I thought it was a hedgehog. I'd like to bitchslap whoever made this costume. 

Below is the complete A-List of The Celebrities Being Boring on Halloween for this Man Crush Monday.
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