100 Hottest Actors Turned Directors

Man Crush Monday #MCM
100 Hottest Actors Turned Directors

There is no doubt that all film makers are extremely talented. But some of them come with an in-born charm and oodles of good looks. In fact there have been instances where women have swooned over the film director more than they have gone ga-ga over the hero. So all you #ManCrushMonday #MCM followers, here is a sneak peak at those men who have ruled our hearts and continue to rule the film fraternity..

Jack Buchanan: We are talking of a man who started as an actor, became a producer, excelled as a director (The Sky's the Limit in 1938) and also went on to become a radio presenter all in a life time of just 66 years. Though he was born in conservative times of the 1890s, Jack Buchanan did not shy away from accepting that he was gay! Cheers to that for we definitely like such courageous men who can act, sing, dance and direct.

Mischa Livingstone: Somebody once said that the sexiest part of your body is your mind. Mischa Livingstone does fit the bill in every sense of the word. His directorial creations like Ode to Lost Love, A Little Night Fright and The Key From Spain are all reminiscent of the intellect he has and leaves no doubt about why women go swooning over him.

Clint Eastwood: He was synonymous to the movies of the West and scorched the screens in the 1960s. But he continued his golden streak as a director and won several awards. We do not blame all the girls and the women who go weak in their knees.

Adrian Grenier: A director who can give the actors a run for their money with his killer looks and smile… that’s Adrian Grenier for you.

Denzel Washington: He portrayed real life characters as an actor, but as a director he went to different lengths.

Below is the complete A-List of 100 Best Actors Turned Directors for this Man Crush Monday.
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