100 Hottest Korean Ladies

Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW
100 Hottest Korean Ladies

Korean faces and bodies have become such an integral part of mainstream popular culture all over the world, over the past decade. Korean celebrities are no more celebrated by a niche. K-pop especially has so many sexy ladies that we couldn’t help but be inspired to create this massive list for you people to crush on.

Korean ladies come in all shapes and sizes. But most important of all they have amazingly beautiful faces and bodies that are unforgettable. K-pop emerges in Korea within a very regimented structure of mentorship and training by agencies hence it is no doubt that Korean celebrities are some of the sexiest people alive today in the world.

This Wednesday start crushing on the 100 sexiest Korean ladies we could track down.

Below is the complete A-List of Top 100 Hottest Korean Women for this Woman Crush Wednesday.
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Nana Keum
South Korean, Model
1 visitors had a crush on her
Bo Young Lee
Slim body,
49 visitors had a crush on her
Hye Jin Han
Slim body,
2 visitors had a crush on her
Young Rin Park
South Korean, Actress
1 visitors had a crush on her
Na Ra Jang
South Korean singer
1 visitors had a crush on her
Kim Jin Woo
South Korean, Actor
Athletic body,
149 visitors had a crush on her


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