Prince Adam

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German (Famous from Beauty And The Beast)
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Prince Adam is straight. He has dark brown hair. Scroll down and check out his short and/or medium dark brown hairstyles & haircuts.

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3 star rating
Rated by 50+ man-crushers
  • 5 star rating Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney story and when Beast turns into Prince Adam hes a ginger. Why do i like gingers so much --
  • 5 star rating Prince adam is hot tho so --
  • 5 star rating Amazing what buying a pack of new Sharpies can do for working confidence. Imagine this is the change Prince Adam felt turning into He-Man --
  • 5 star rating Ok honestly? How did they not realise he-man is prince Adam. I mean come on, he just has a slightly deeper voice n slightly lrger pectorals. --
  • 4 star rating when people think the Beast's name is Prince Adam --
  • 2 star rating So Belle and prince Adam probably had to go to ikea because 95% of the furniture turned back into humans --
  • 4 star rating Woah Prince Adam (Beast) is NOT a villain. TOO FAR! --
  • 3 star rating My beast's name is Adam. Woi bukan Adam nephew aku ni mmg dalam cerita dia mmg Prince Adam. --
  • 2 star rating "Dylan Banagis looks like Prince Adam from Beauty and the beast so we need to get married right now." --
  • 5 star rating My dad still teases me for gasping and being surprised when the Beast turned into Prince Adam in the Beauty and the Beast play at Disney. --
  • 5 star rating Eternian Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Prince Adam grows tired of the stress of being He-Man, and has The Sorceress erase his memories. --
  • 5 star rating Today was dedicated to college work. So obviously we took Disney quizzes. I am proud to say that I am Aurora, Prince Adam and Mother Gothel. --
  • 1 star rating We are Prince Adam and Belle; he's got lots of hair and gives me books as presents and I tell him when he's being an asshole. --
  • 3 star rating I've just figured it out, He-Man IS Prince Adam, It's the same guy, just in his pants --
  • 3 star rating Galatasaray away looks like something off He-Man. is Prince Adam on the bench? Hordak?? --
  • 5 star rating She was with a dude who looked like the beast only when he was human which i guess is the only prince adam i don't like all that much. --
  • 5 star rating This one is starting with tuvan throat singing and is called 'horse skin'. somewhere, prince adam sits at attention. his time has come --
  • 4 star rating Really excited for Halloween so I can wear my Prince Adam costume. --
  • 2 star rating Belle better watch herself cause I'm gonna tackle the Beast (fun fact: his name is actually Prince Adam) --
  • 1 star rating Trivia: Before settling on Adora, they were seriously considering Eve to be the name of Prince Adam's twin sister. --
  • 5 star rating Prince Adam would be a disaster in Congress. VERY weak on crime and illegal immigration, bad for jobs and wants higher taxes. Say NO --
  • 5 star rating "This is Cringer, my lawyer" - Prince Adam. --
  • 1 star rating Can't believe England are playing in Estonia. Wonder if prince adam will get a game. How far is tallinn from castle greyskull? --
  • 1 star rating I like that no one knows where Prince Adam/He-man is off to. Wouldn't people notice the big giant space rocket outside? --
  • 5 star rating He isn't here anymore, Mrs. Torrance... --
  • 1 star rating You know, with all the lightning, shouting, and waving of weaponry, you'd think somebody would have noticed that he is He-Man. --
  • 3 star rating There is a boy on this flight who looks like prince adam lord give me strength --
  • 5 star rating He is bae tbh --
  • 5 star rating Where is Prince Adam? --
  • 2 star rating Prince Adam as the hyper-"feminized" alter ego that "nobody would believe" is masculinity paragon He-Man? --
  • 5 star rating I dont even care. he is bae. Beast is my love --
  • 1 star rating > forcing a small smile to fall on my lips as I looked at him.- It's.. It's alright, Prince Adam. You really don't have > --
  • 5 star rating Prince Adam, is that you?? --
  • 5 star rating "just so you know i'm not keeping you prisoner or anything you're free to go and do whatever" "thanks prince adam from beauty and the beast" --
  • 3 star rating I'd actually really like to see one of Prince Adam in his human form eheheh --
  • 3 star rating Wtf apparently the beast in beauty and the beast is named prince Adam?????? --
  • 2 star rating . -Annaliese knew and expected this very reaction from Prince Adam. After all, she broke the man's heart. -- --
  • 4 star rating //I'm pretty sure the beast's name is Prince Adam too omfg --
  • 4 star rating If LeBron is king James, Adam Morrison HAS to be Prince Adam --
  • 1 star rating So he goes from being call prince Adam to The most powerful man in the universe Then his tiger becomes Battle cat. Awesome --
  • 1 star rating Why isn't there any art of Cringer and Prince Adam? Those two have been begging to be shown off for years now. --
  • 4 star rating I really wanted Prince Adam, to stay as the beast lel --
  • 1 star rating Tragedy of the night is watching another school's production of beauty and the beast and realizing I look just like Prince Adam --
  • 3 star rating If Prince Adam turned is pony tail in to a Just let that sink in for a bit... --
  • 1 star rating Tragedy of the night is watching another school's production of beauty and the beast and realizing I look just like Prince Adam --
  • 5 star rating He is way fitter as The Beast. --
  • 1 star rating Nice one Jennydahling. Yr brother is dying but your focus is on micromanaging Prince Adam's farming *career*. --
  • 1 star rating Watching The Secret of The Sword for the first time in at least 25 years is Prince Adam German or Homosexual? I can't decide. --
  • 5 star rating Prince Adam was so lost n so cute n stupid --

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