Chiwetel Ejiofor

Never be ashamed of having a crush on Chiwetel Ejiofor
Actor (Famous from Amistad, Othello (Play) and 12 Years a Slave)
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Chiwetel Ejiofor is straight. He is a masculine guy. Are you gay for him? Go ahead and check out the pictures below -- so hot! He has dark brown hair. Scroll down and check out his short and/or medium dark brown hairstyles & haircuts.

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Chiwetel Ejiofor beats Leonardo DiCaprio to Best Actor at the 2014 BAFTAS

8 years ago (February 17, 2014, 12am)
... [Read More on CNN]

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3 star rating
Rated by 50+ man-crushers
  • 5 star rating Deserves an oscar hands down!what was the hype about Lupita for?Chiwetel Ejiofor really acted it hands down!the whipping part for Patsy --
  • 4 star rating He is such a great actor they need to run that man his Oscar! --
  • 5 star rating Chiwetel ejiofor is a sage --
  • 1 star rating was pretty damn good. I adore McQueen's use of long shots. Fassbender is terrifying. Chiwetel Ejiofor amazing! --
  • 1 star rating "The loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room." --- Frank Lucas to his cousin Huey (Chiwetel Ejiofor). --
  • 5 star rating He is such a beautiful man. --
  • 5 star rating My my Chiwetel Ejiofor makes an attractive woman. He looks like Ava Vidal in Kinky Boots. Worryingly, Will and I now have the same crush. --
  • 1 star rating Don't care what I watch tonight all I know is that it needs as much Chiwetel Ejiofor as possible without being 12 Years A Slave. --
  • 2 star rating Chiwetel ejiofor is brilliant! When an actor plays a role and makes u believe he is that person, I'm sold --
  • 5 star rating SO, Andrew Lincoln doesn't love Chiwetel Ejiofor, he loves Keira Knightley??? Okay. --
  • 1 star rating The Chivalry ad with he is a weak imitation/response to Idris Elba's ad. Who approved this? No foe this team! --
  • 4 star rating So Idris Elba and Chiwetel Ejiofor were both in American Gangster. --
  • 5 star rating Ugh Chiwetel as the Duke & then whoever this flop doing Angelo is such a misread and I'm SAD bc CHIWETEL EJIOFOR LOVES MEASURE GIVE ME THIS --
  • 3 star rating But it had Chiwetel Ejiofor and it was on, AND I really liked him in "Kinky Boots" so... --
  • 1 star rating I like to disappear into a role. I equate the success of it with a feeling of being chemically changed. Chiwetel Ejiofor --
  • 5 star rating Kinky Boots (2005) is watered down, but uplifting & perfect catalyst for the Tony winning musical. Chiwetel Ejiofor rocks! --
  • 5 star rating He is such an amazing actor I'm in awe --
  • 5 star rating Just watched 12 Years a Slave again. Really reevaluating my thoughts on Matthew McConaughey winning best actor over Chiwetel Ejiofor. --
  • 1 star rating Someone make a movie about Beethoven being black please, and I can see Chiwetel Ejiofor for some reason that'd be wonderful --
  • 5 star rating He is fun to say --
  • 5 star rating He is brilliant. --
  • 3 star rating I really hope he is famous enough now to be a Wheel of Fortune puzzle. --
  • 5 star rating Ayanna Witter-Johnson, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Noma Dumezweni Adjoa Andoh Angel Coulby and Roderick Williams sang out and so did Maya Angelou. Xxx --
  • 5 star rating Just finished watching 12 years a slave with my dad. Such a well shot movie, super great performance Chiwetel Ejiofor, so expressive :) --
  • 5 star rating Watching Serenity for the first time in years & not only had I forgotten how good a film it is, but how brilliant he is in it. --
  • 4 star rating Watching Kinky Boots. he is a fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine drag queen. --
  • 5 star rating As harrowing as it is, 12 Years A Slave is amazing. Mesmeric performance from the always brilliant Fassbender. Chiwetel Ejiofor outstanding. --
  • 1 star rating You know a man is fine if he would make a beautiful, strong-faced chick. See Chiwetel Ejiofor in "Kinky Boots" for reference. --
  • 4 star rating Seriously though: Chiwetel Ejiofor for Doctor Strange. --
  • 3 star rating Don Cheadle x Chiwetel Ejiofor The most versatile black actor is Jamie Foxx --
  • 5 star rating I'm watching Chiwetel Ejiofor play a transvestite in a movie and it's really confounding my "celebrity crush" on him. --
  • 2 star rating So it's a tie between Chiwetel Ejiofor, Tom Hanks, Jeremy Piven & Stanley Tucci as my favorite actor. --
  • 1 star rating Who would have thought the obvious choice (Capaldi) would be so bad? For the record, I wanted Chiwetel Ejiofor. --
  • 1 star rating 12 Years A Slave star he is in talks to play the next James Bond villain. Should he play the role, what's your opinion? --
  • 5 star rating I forgot how good an antagonist he is in Serenity --
  • 5 star rating (2/2) I think Chiwetel Ejiofor should have won the Best Actor Oscar. An amazing performance in a truly great film. So hard to watch, though. --
  • 3 star rating He is one of the best actors working today. His range is quite dizzying. --
  • 5 star rating Chiwetel ejiofor is a gift tbh --
  • 4 star rating Watching Kinky Boots and he is pretty good as a drag queen tbh --
  • 3 star rating Am FINALLY watching Kinky Boots. And he is as brill as expected. Of course. --
  • 5 star rating He is a bit brilliant in Kinky Boots. Wow. --
  • 3 star rating I forgot nick frost is in this but chiwetel ejiofor is in it and hes so fab omg --
  • 2 star rating The wonderful he is on both BBC2 & Channel 5. Think I prefer him as Lola rather than his 2012 character. --
  • 5 star rating He is so fabulous! Loved him since he was in Trust years back. I'll never learn to spell his name though!!! --
  • 5 star rating I really love Chiwetel Ejiofor btw --
  • 4 star rating Chiwetel ejiofor is from forest gate why am I layghing --
  • 5 star rating He is hot as a drag queen --
  • 3 star rating Someone actually said Idris Elba is a bigger british superstar dan Chiwetel Ejiofor!! O_O --
  • 5 star rating Oh at least he is in this, phew. --
  • 5 star rating Said Chiwetel Ejiofor 3 times into a mirror --

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