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British, Comic (Famous from The Benny Hill Show)
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Benny Hill is straight. He is a masculine guy. Are you gay for him? Go ahead and check out the pictures below -- so hot! He has light brown hair. Scroll down and check out his large body, short and/or medium light brown hairstyles & haircuts.

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3 star rating
Rated by 50+ man-crushers
  • 5 star rating I first noticed Benny in his eponymous show. Love his facial expressions, smile and campy persona! --
  • 1 star rating Ask an ignorant french . Yes Mr bean. Roast beef and benny hill. ... that's the UK which isn't a country by the way --
  • 4 star rating Apparently Doctor Who is becoming the new Benny Hill... --
  • 5 star rating One thing that takes the sting out of this is imagining these crazy ppl running around the White House w/ a sound track of Benny Hill music. --
  • 1 star rating The least the Secret Service could do is start blaring the Benny Hill music next time some dude hops the fence. --
  • 1 star rating So Adam Sandler wants to be immortalised like Benny Hill, hahaha. Okay start being funny and stop making tripe films --
  • 5 star rating Ok this dude is effin kewl hiphop urban show hes no racist BENNY HILL THEME MUSIC LOLOL THIS SHOW IS GOING ON PERMA LIST!!!! OF FAVES --
  • 3 star rating Sex tip: the Benny Hill theme is generally a poor choice for mood music. --
  • 1 star rating crazy Benny Hill moment chasing 2 girls round the garden with mice in their beaks yesterday! Shrieking is an understatement --
  • 5 star rating Is it me, or did ian curtis look like benny hill? --
  • 5 star rating Dat deuntje van benny hill show is zo grappig --
  • 3 star rating Is Benny Hill music being played in the background for Patriot fans yet? --
  • 3 star rating This game is much more entertaining if you watch it while listening to the Benny Hill theme song. --
  • 4 star rating That's what show business is, sincere insincerity. Benny Hill --
  • 5 star rating Another discussion: is there a difference between Claudia and Zoe making letchy comments re male dancers/celebs and Benny Hill types? --
  • 3 star rating Can we just add some Benny Hill music and be done. This is disgraceful. --
  • 5 star rating ...Was the worst thing that could happen to you. That meant no Benny Hill, no Monty Python, no Are You Being Served, no Dr Who ... etc --
  • 5 star rating Put her in a sparkly frock at least. Where's the cuddly toy? Is someone going to chase her round the stage while Benny Hill music plays? --
  • 3 star rating Ok so who can put all this together to Benny Hill music. I want to see that! --
  • 3 star rating A genteel clown that seems like Benny Hill but is nothing but cold roaches and wires inside. --
  • 3 star rating Being the only person in the theater to get the Benny Hill joke in 22 Jump Street --
  • 3 star rating Please alert me once the "highlights" of the defense today is set to the Benny Hill music. TIA. --
  • 5 star rating All games really need a Benny Hill soundtrack --
  • 3 star rating That snap and resulting play from the Raiders really needs the Benny Hill music. Hilarious --
  • 4 star rating That one moment when the Benny Hill theme tune is just perfect --
  • 3 star rating Watching the Bills in the red zone is like watching a re-run of the Benny Hill show --
  • 4 star rating Lol! Benny Hill was funny, Jason! This woman is just plain nuts! --
  • 2 star rating I have seen my Tao books get compared as a mix between Benny Hill and the Bible. Really. Ok, no not really. --
  • 3 star rating This game is wacky All it needs is some Benny Hill music and we will be good to go --
  • 5 star rating Rewatching I forgot how weird this show is; it's very British (Benny Hill in space?). Gotta love Kryton, though. --
  • 5 star rating Oh. Ok. So. Benny hill music starting now. --
  • 4 star rating Lol....A&M is so confused. Running Benny Hill to the outside --
  • 2 star rating This game is a comedy of errors at this point. Maybe I should watch the rest with Benny Hill music playing --
  • 4 star rating The only thing missing is the Benny Hill theme music --
  • 1 star rating Is it me or does anyone else hear the Benny Hill theme every time the commentator says Kenny Hill's name during the A&M game? --
  • 3 star rating First session: rogue hides in shed while being chased by zombies. Cue benny hill --
  • 1 star rating If you want to understand what constitutes "funny" for me go back to 1982 or so and watch SCTV, No Soap, Radio and Benny Hill --
  • 3 star rating About to watch some reruns of benny hill. That old guy was so funny. # benny hill --
  • 5 star rating I'm such a child. I take one bite of my lunch and end up with an olive down the inside of my shirt. My life is one big Benny Hill episode. --
  • 5 star rating Is that Benny Hill refereeing the game? Nope just Lee Mason! Thank god no Cuntemburg in sight else we'd end up with 3penalties and a WHU win --
  • 1 star rating My husband is watching Benny Hill - (ironic?) he has to embrace modern technology if he wants to watch a show from 1968 :) --
  • 5 star rating "Yakkity Sith. The Imperial March mashed with the Benny Hill theme." Furry cons, this is why I love you. --
  • 4 star rating Is Red Foo and his music vids the modern day Benny Hill --
  • 1 star rating Benny Hill will always be a hero of mine. That dude shaped my childhood, which I now realize is weird as fuck. --
  • 5 star rating Is Nigel Farage the Benny Hill of modern politics? Mildly amusing but does he have any answers to serious questions? Just like Ernie ... --
  • 1 star rating Watching baseball at double speed accompanied by Benny hill chase music is the most hilarious thing I've ever done --
  • 3 star rating Someone's ringtone for their phone in the commons is Benny Hill's theme. Welp. --
  • 1 star rating is dead to start Ghosts of Forgotten Empires, Vol. 2. But per Benny Hill death is just life's way of telling us to slow down. --
  • 1 star rating Oh it's Friday again. Prayuth's TV comedy show. Started to really become a fan. He is hilarious, the Benny Hill of Thailand --
  • 1 star rating Omg what a Benny Hill moment, my tom cat appears at the bus stop so we sprint home together and then wake up nightshift hubby --

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