100 Handsome Blonde Men of All Time

Man Crush Monday #MCM
100 Handsome Blonde Men of All Time

Movies, books, TV shows, our culture’s whole gamut of popular culture mediums have stereotyped the sign of blonde hair into an obvious sign of beauty, of sexuality, of attractiveness and the likes. Be it blonde women or men, nobody is left outside of the ambit of this characterization.

We had done a list of the hottest blue eyed and blonde haired men a few months ago. In the last post we had mentioned that we are picking the cream of layer. This second effort of ours is precisely do get back at those worries. We know very well that blondies are in incredible demand as crushing material and we didn’t want you people to be left out with a limited choice.

So here it is, a second chance at relooking at handsome blonde men that we missed out in the previous post. Also, we just re-did another list of blonde haired beauties, so do not forget to head there as well. Get crushing!

Below is the complete A-List of Handsome Blonde Men for this Man Crush Monday.
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Max Hodges
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