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Man Crush Monday Model Crushes - The Most Searched Male Models

By on Sep 29 2014 - 6:09pm

It's that time of the week everybody! Yes, it's Model Crush Monday! Here are the top 20 the most searched models on ManCrushes.com. From skinny to athletic, there is something for everyone.

One of my favorites is Roman Seefeldt. He is best known from being on the male version of TopModel and models anything from underwear to full on hot outfits. These include perfectly cut suits that fit him like a glove. His brown hair and eyes make women everywhere swoon.

Also, here comes Johannes Huebl. He is best known for dating Olivia Palermo. However, his abs, dark hair, tanned skin and ripped physique make him the ultimate model crush. This man could model anything and we would want to buy it!

Didier Cohen is next up on the list and is famous because he models for Whilemenia Models. He is physically fit and his ab and arm muscles make us want to grab them and never let go! Also, the full sleeve tattoo he sports isn't taking anything away, in fact it is just plain hot!

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Woman Crush Wednesday Top 60 Victoria’s Secret Models

By on Sep 24 2014 - 7:56pm

All you #WomanCrushWednesday #WCW fans… it’s time to brace yourself for we are going to take a look at the Victoria’s Secret models. O yes! This edition is all about those lithe bodied, leggy lasses who can make your imagination go wild!

Fabiana Semprebom: We have always loved the complexion of Brazil beauties and we do more so when we see Fabiana. Her Brazilian and Italian genes have given her the looks and the charm that we admire so much. But wait till you see her on the Victoria’s Secret banners… and no one will be able to stop your racing heart!

Katsia Zingarevich: The Belarus beauty had turned her back to modeling until Victoria’s Secret roped her in. And we thank the brand for doing so or else our hearts wouldn’t leap every time she moved those legs. While we think that she is an angel from heaven, we sure hope she gets the title from the brand.

Cynthia Kirchner: She is not just a model for Victoria’s Secret, but is also a stage actress, stand-up comedian and a screenplay writer. It leaves no doubt in mind that this under-30 American is extremely talented. Not only does she bring the brands alive, but also scorches up the screen.

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Man Crush Monday 100 Hottest Actors Turned Directors

By on Sep 22 2014 - 10:07pm

There is no doubt that all film makers are extremely talented. But some of them come with an in-born charm and oodles of good looks. In fact there have been instances where women have swooned over the film director more than they have gone ga-ga over the hero. So all you #ManCrushMonday #MCM followers, here is a sneak peak at those men who have ruled our hearts and continue to rule the film fraternity..

Jack Buchanan: We are talking of a man who started as an actor, became a producer, excelled as a director (The Sky's the Limit in 1938) and also went on to become a radio presenter all in a life time of just 66 years. Though he was born in conservative times of the 1890s, Jack Buchanan did not shy away from accepting that he was gay! Cheers to that for we definitely like such courageous men who can act, sing, dance and direct.

Mischa Livingstone: Somebody once said that the sexiest part of your body is your mind. Mischa Livingstone does fit the bill in every sense of the word. His directorial creations like Ode to Lost Love, A Little Night Fright and The Key From Spain are all reminiscent of the intellect he has and leaves no doubt about why women go swooning over him.

Clint Eastwood: He was synonymous to the movies of the West and scorched the screens in the 1960s. But he continued his golden streak as a director and won several awards. We do not blame all the girls and the women who go weak in their knees.

Adrian Grenier: A director who can give the actors a run for their money with his killer looks and smile… that’s Adrian Grenier for you.

Denzel Washington: He portrayed real life characters as an actor, but as a director he went to different lengths.

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Woman Crush Wednesday 60 Scottish Women Prove That They Can Be Very HOT!

By on Sep 15 2014 - 7:22pm

Some people always say that Scottish women are not the most beautiful ones. Well, time for a reality check: Susan Boyle isn't the only woman in Scottland. Take a look at actress Kelly Macdonald and super model Amanda Hendrick instead. All you #WomanCrushWednesday #WCW followers, our list will open your eyes and hearts to all the hot Scottish women out there.

Scottish women do take their independence very seriously and that is what makes them sexier. There are several women who are working hard for Scotland to be recognized as a free country. If finally Scotland gets its right to be called an independent nation and people are able to caste their Scotland independence votes (tomorrow is the day), then several Scottish women will be credited for this achievement. But even without this right, women like Rose Leslie have made their mark on people’s minds. Though she comes from a very rich family, she is recognized for her hard work and definitely her red tresses and pretty face.

Though enough has been said about the Scottish women, the mention of Christian vocalist, author, song writer and evangelist Sheila Walsh will leave you with no doubt about how multi talented Scottish women can be. You might even consider Edith Bowman (DJ) when it comes to multi-faceted talented Scottish women. And the best part is they are not exhibitionists. Their subtle way of being good at their work makes them all the more attractive!

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