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Man Crush Monday The Most Handsome Light Brown Haired Men

By on Jun 13 2016 - 8:48am

Summer is almost here, and in places of the Northern Hemisphere summer has indeed already arrived. Summer brings with it heat but also holidays, sweat but also time to spend in the pool. But more than that, for pale skinned people, summer also brings with it the perfect time to get that natural tan that they have been waiting for all the year.

I figured hence, what better time than now, to actually make a list of the hottest men with light brown shaded hair. With that mild natural tan, the light brown hair can be sported effortlessly. But we aren’t here for fashion tips and such are we?

Let’s get down to crushing some light brown haired men. Blondes and redheads might get all the spotlight, but these hunks sporting those light brown hair blending into their bodies is the hottest thing to crush on in this summer heat after all.

Below are 3 of them. View the full MCM list

Woman Crush Wednesday The Hottest Women with Light Brown Hair

By on Jun 8 2016 - 8:47am

We made a list of hottest men sporting the light brown shaded hair. So we thought why deprive you the audience of some hot women to crush on too. If you enjoyed the list of men, you are certainly in for a treat. Head below to start crushing.

For people who still need some more words to convert. Remember the last time you spotted those beautiful light brown haired women? Yes, you do. I know that, because I did too. And unlike the blondies and the redheads, these women didn’t appear distant and beyond reach. For that matter, they actually are not in real life, and that’s what adds the next-door girl charm to these following women. Be it next-door girl, or the next-door mother. Age after all is for suckers ain’t it? When it comes to judging beauty, age should not be anywhere on the radar for discussion.

Let’s get crushing, before the summer heat, tires you out.

Below are 3 of them. View the full WCW list

Woman Crush Wednesday The Most Beautiful Indian Women

By on May 4 2016 - 1:40am

There is a certain quality about the Indian beauties that gets lost during our everyday stereotypical understanding of Indian women. Not all of them are the usual sari-clad, traditional women. They do exist, but beyond them, among the cream of the layer exist women of such incredibly beauty that the clothes they wear or the accessories they adorn themselves with barely matters anymore.

Like the Americans, as we mentioned in another list, the Indians too come in all flavors, a variety of sizes and colors to feed all sorts of crushing desires that the wide audience might hold. It is not a surprise then, how popular Bollywood cinema is in the country. The movies are filled with dusky, brown beauties who only ever can be compared and challenged by the Latinas, every other shade and size of women that you can ever imagine.

The summers are soon going to be over. It’s high time to get crushing on these Indian beauties.

Below are 3 of them. View the full WCW list

Man Crush Monday The Most Handsome Indian Men

By on May 2 2016 - 8:42pm

We covered a list of beautiful Indian women. So, the time is apt to turn towards the Indian men and give them their fair share of attention. As we noted in the other list too, Indians come in all shape, sizes and colors, and the list of handsome men is a testament to the fact.

Due to the increasing popularity of Bollywood over the years, Indian celebrities have found an audience on the internet across the world, and for the fans of Bollywood a lot of the following faces are not unfamiliar I believe.

If you are not into Bollywood, do not hesitate to start crushing on these men nonetheless. This is probably the best time, as we noted earlier with the arrival of the summer heat to get introduced to the most handsome Indian men.

Below are 3 of them. View the full MCM list