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Man Crush Monday 100 Hottest Korean Men

By on Nov 6 2016 - 1:01am

As we noted in the list of sexy Korean women, Korean celebrities are taking the world by storm. The rise of K-pop across the world has made Korean faces so much more familiar. Just like Korean women, a lot of Korean male starts too go through a regimented structure of training and mentorship while being associated to one agency or other. This makes sure that the talents stay in discipline which is why so many of the Korean stars so damn hot.

Its high time we came out with our crushing on these sexy Korean men. This Monday let’s turn our eyes, minds and hearts towards the hottest Korean men. 

Below are 3 of them. View the full MCM list

Woman Crush Wednesday 100 Hottest Korean Ladies

By on Oct 30 2016 - 12:58am

Korean faces and bodies have become such an integral part of mainstream popular culture all over the world, over the past decade. Korean celebrities are no more celebrated by a niche. K-pop especially has so many sexy ladies that we couldn’t help but be inspired to create this massive list for you people to crush on.

Korean ladies come in all shapes and sizes. But most important of all they have amazingly beautiful faces and bodies that are unforgettable. K-pop emerges in Korea within a very regimented structure of mentorship and training by agencies hence it is no doubt that Korean celebrities are some of the sexiest people alive today in the world.

This Wednesday start crushing on the 100 sexiest Korean ladies we could track down.

Below are 3 of them. View the full WCW list

Woman Crush Wednesday Top 200 Hottest Skinny Models

By on Aug 31 2016 - 7:36pm

Big booties are the rage right now. They capture the overall pop culture imagination, from hip-hop videos to mainstream pop music. Twerking is no more a niche thing. And so are big booties. This phenomenon has made bigger bodies widely acceptable and desirable.

But due to popular demand, I figured its the right time to re-look at the other side of the spectrum. Hot skinny models, are still a thing. This list is a living testament to that. Not everybody can crush on everybody and every quality. Variety, diversity is a good thing. Its much needed for crushers. So without further ado, head below and get crushing!

Below are 3 of them. View the full WCW list

Man Crush Monday Top 200 Hottest Muscular Guys

By on Aug 30 2016 - 7:29pm

Maybe not everybody loves muscular guys, but a lot of people do. We recieved a lot of requests for two particular lists, which we are gonna do this week, that of a list of the hottest muscular men for Man Crush Monday and the most beautiful skinny women for Woman Crush Wednesday.

So women, and men, who have a thing for hot muscular men, its time for you to rejoice. We have brought  this particular list to satiate all the demand for crushing on these muscled men.

The internet is filled with muscular and masculine men, the movies are and also the video games nowadays are, but we are doing all the hard work to make the best possible list, to bring all of the hottest muscular guys in one place for maximum crushing.

Below are 3 of them. View the full MCM list